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Hi All

Spending today with my resin family of ball jointed dolls.

Here are my ball jointed doll family as of 2019

I’ll list them by Name I gave them, size, brand, sculpt, body type, company name for their skin colour, then clothing

Ellie Grace: Yosd: RosenLied Tuesdays Child; Pansy wearing the red dress

Willow: MSD: Myou Delia. 3 part girl body1. Wearing grey jumper

Oscar: YoSD: Illusion Spirit; Qu Xiao. 2 part body normal skin. Wearing blue cardicoat

Billie: MSD. Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy. Sarang.  Beige jumper

Fern: 1/8. Myou Feng Linger, 2 part body normal skin. Pink skirt

Arthur (Edward Arthur Green): MSD Myou Arthur, 3 part boy body v2, normal skin. White shirt


I hope you find a safe place to rest, and can find safe gentle ways through each day as best you can.

Thankfully its sunny and there are lots of things to watch on tv so Lucello the canary and I will hunker down n watch some of that with the resin family. I have some Gorjuss stamps by Santoro due soon and a few in the cupboard so the pencils may come out for some of that too, if my hands allow.

Hope today is as kind to you as possible

Billie x

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Welcome Back

Today I’d like to share a picture of two of my resin family, Willow and Arthur together.

Willow and Arthur

Willow and Arthur best friends forever.


I need to create a doll profile page for each of them don’t I other wise its a lot of repeated information. I’ll come back and edit this another time.

Short version until I get them a proper profile page

Willow is Myou Delia MSD size

Arthur is Myou Arthur MSD size.

There are so many stories in my head around these dolls, just wish my hands were strong enough to let me write them.

Best wishes and thanks for reading see you soon

Billie x

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Welcome Back

Today I’d like to share a picture of someone very special. His name is Edward Arthur Green, but he prefers to be known by his middle name of Arthur.

Myou Arthur: Edward Arthur Green

Here is my new BJD Myou Arthur MSD size. He is totally amazing.

His is made by a company called Myou and has taken 4 months to be made and get here but boy oh boy if you can forgive the pun, was he worth the wait. Myou dolls have silky smooth resin, and this chap doesn’t just have double jointed peanuts they are different to the body sculpt of ‘Delia’ that I have. His joints are even better and he can pose anyway you like, not just touching his face but anywhere on his face, super pose-able. Looks like he has the V2 boy body MSD size.

I am in love with him, so is Willow (Myou Delia; MSD) I loved his sculpt name of Arthur, and decided to keep it, but as soon as I saw him, how skinny he was, he reminded me of Edward in Twilight. Since the resin they are made of doesn’t do well in sunlight and you have to keep them out of the sun n hot temperatures, even more so. So that’s how I chose his name. The last name is simply that my resin family have all got nature or colour related names.

Hope you like him too, and if you are tempted into getting a ball jointed doll of your very own, I can highly recommend Myou, they are superb quality, they stand (not that I would leave them unattended standing, in case they fell over, resin is breakable) and the stringing is superb they sit, stand and pose like real pro’s. The resin feels super smooth and they are all very well finished off.

His wig is by For My Doll as at the time I purchased him, he wasn’t available as a full set (where you can choose to have wig, shoes and a clothing set included at the time of purchase, for additional fee obvs).

Here is a close up. Forgive a 60s quote but isn’t he just ‘dreamy’. You can see forever in those eyes. So many story ideas come to me as I look at him.

Myou Arthur close up

Close up of Myou Arthur. MSD Ball jointed doll.

Come back soon to see him side by side with his best friend Willow (Myou Delia).

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie x

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Welcome Back

Little Ellie Grace has had a couple of new dresses lately, today she wants to share her red dress with you.

Ellie Grace, new red Dress

This is Ellie Grace in her new red dress, she couldn’t wait till Christmas or for a party to wear it.

Doesn’t she look lovely. Come back on Monday as I want to share someone very special with you. A new doll, and its a BOY!

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


PS: Lack of papercraft on the blog now, as hands too poorly to play. The dolls are a good distraction from high pain levels.

I did try Zentangle but fine motor skills are very painful now. So expect to see only occassional papercraft and maybe more about the doll stories. Hope you will stick with me. I really appreciate each and every one of you for reading this blog, you have been with me on a long journey, and your company is appreciated.

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Welcome Back

They got separated for a while but at last Oscar and his sister Grace were back together again. He has been teasing her, calling her Teddy, as she was wearing a teddy bear hat when he first saw her. She doesn’t care, she is just glad they are together again.

Brother and sister reunited

Oscar Jake and Grace and Holly the dog

Oscar would rather be outside playing with Holly the dog and he wants to show Grace his treehouse but Mum made them pose for these pictures for a while instead.

Oscar and Grace, March 2019

Here they are arm in arm, Oscar and his sister Grace.

It took a while to get this picture, they kept laughing and Holly the dog was jumping up and down barking a lot, so getting them to look at the camera wasn’t easy.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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Welcome Back

A new Yo-sd joined the family, her name is Grace and she is Oscars sister. Here she is meeting Holly the dog.

Rosen Lied, Tuesdays Child, Pansy with Ipplehouse Beagle

Grace spends time with Holly the beagle puppy.

Sculpt details

  • Grace: Rosen Lied, Tuesdays Child, Pansy
  • Holly: Ipplehouse Beagle

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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Welcome Back

Much as I still would love to be making art, rubber stamping etc, my dexterity isn’t allowing much of that these days. I would love to post on the art n craft stuff again, when hands allow but that just isn’t possible right now. Rather than abandon this blog, which I don’t want to do. I hope you will join me in a bit of a diversion, an adventure in a new direction. We will be traveling to the wonderful world of bjds.

Some time back I was taking a class with Jane Davenport and she was talking about ball jointed dolls and getting one to ‘alter’, to repaint the face so it can become your artist muse. These dolls are really pose-able so they are great artist models. Oh dear me, typing ‘ball jointed doll’ also know as bjd, into a search engine was fatal, SOOO many pretty dolls, alter them, no thanks they are far too lovely to alter.

One came home, and then another and then… well you get the idea.

I found myself in BJD Land

I fell down the bjd rabbit hole n haven’t seen daylight in a while. They are so addictive and my hording/collecting button is often pressed by them. BUT I am not sorry, they help on so many levels and they are fun.

Its not easy when you live with a lot of pain that limits what you can do, when u live in your head coz your body isn’t playing. These dolls have become therapy, instead of getting so caught up in the pain and what I can’t do, I’ve been reaching for these dolls, imagining the adventures they have and it helps it really helps.

Play really matters, and it really helps. When you are stuck in bed or on the sofa and everything is and feels impossible, then at least I can look over at them and be thinking of their adventures instead. When I can I swap their clothes around n they can look so different they can be someone new. Its just as much fun doing this as it was when I was a kid, whoever said ‘Time to put all that away now’ was a fool. Sometimes play, going to a place where whatever u can imagine can be real, just for a little while can really, really help. Especially when your reality isn’t so pretty.

Would I love to be drawing them, yes but again the body isn’t playing, so instead, I will post some pictures of them and a few lines about their adventures. They are brilliant for provoking story ideas, character ideas.

My life lessons of the recent years are about meeting myself on the page I’m on, doing the best I can with the skills and energy I have and trying, trying so hard to forgive myself for what I cannot do. I may not be able to rid myself of the ‘black dog’, or the chronic pain, but I can do whatever I can to make right now, this moment, feel softer and a little safer. I hope, if you find yourself on a similar page, that you find whatever u can to make the journey just a little bit softer and kinder.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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