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Welcome Back

I have a confession, I LOVE books. I was very lucky as a child that my Mum surrounded me with books and paper and crayons. Now these books were not always new, a lot were pre loved by others she knew and handed round to us to enjoy, keep or pass along.

My dyslexia makes reading novels difficult, so its all in the font as to weather I can read it or not. Kindle was a breakthrough from that point of view, as I was able to make the font larger, spaces between the lines larger, and even have it read aloud to me, so I admit thats the way I go for novels.

Why is this a new kind of book club?

There are lots of book clubs about novels, so this book club is a bit different, this one will be for art themed books, kind books, self care books, empowering books that kind of thing.

The sort of books that make you want to grab your art supplies and get creating. The kind of books you can dip into as and when you have a few moments spare, because not everyone has big blocks of time or capacity to read long posts, or long books.

I know in the past my posts have been really indepth reviews, but honestly, my health issues are making that kind of post difficult now. Instead and to keep posts short n sweet (that’s a first eh!) I’ll keep it minimal. Title, author, ISBN, where to buy and maybe a line or two about why I like it. Then an invitation for you to share your thoughts on the book, if you have it too.

Do you like this idea? Shall I start writting some of these?

Would love some feed back on this, so thought I’d ask while people are maybe not back at work yet.

As a spoonie, I have to plan ahead and write when I can, as I can’t post to order. This will need to be written ahead of time so they can go out in something like a regular slot.

I have some more ideas for the blog, so keep checking back in the coming days to find out more.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie x

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Welcome Back

Much as I still would love to be making art, rubber stamping etc, my dexterity isn’t allowing much of that these days. I would love to post on the art n craft stuff again, when hands allow but that just isn’t possible right now. Rather than abandon this blog, which I don’t want to do. I hope you will join me in a bit of a diversion, an adventure in a new direction. We will be traveling to the wonderful world of bjds.

Some time back I was taking a class with Jane Davenport and she was talking about ball jointed dolls and getting one to ‘alter’, to repaint the face so it can become your artist muse. These dolls are really pose-able so they are great artist models. Oh dear me, typing ‘ball jointed doll’ also know as bjd, into a search engine was fatal, SOOO many pretty dolls, alter them, no thanks they are far too lovely to alter.

One came home, and then another and then… well you get the idea.

I found myself in BJD Land

I fell down the bjd rabbit hole n haven’t seen daylight in a while. They are so addictive and my hording/collecting button is often pressed by them. BUT I am not sorry, they help on so many levels and they are fun.

Its not easy when you live with a lot of pain that limits what you can do, when u live in your head coz your body isn’t playing. These dolls have become therapy, instead of getting so caught up in the pain and what I can’t do, I’ve been reaching for these dolls, imagining the adventures they have and it helps it really helps.

Play really matters, and it really helps. When you are stuck in bed or on the sofa and everything is and feels impossible, then at least I can look over at them and be thinking of their adventures instead. When I can I swap their clothes around n they can look so different they can be someone new. Its just as much fun doing this as it was when I was a kid, whoever said ‘Time to put all that away now’ was a fool. Sometimes play, going to a place where whatever u can imagine can be real, just for a little while can really, really help. Especially when your reality isn’t so pretty.

Would I love to be drawing them, yes but again the body isn’t playing, so instead, I will post some pictures of them and a few lines about their adventures. They are brilliant for provoking story ideas, character ideas.

My life lessons of the recent years are about meeting myself on the page I’m on, doing the best I can with the skills and energy I have and trying, trying so hard to forgive myself for what I cannot do. I may not be able to rid myself of the ‘black dog’, or the chronic pain, but I can do whatever I can to make right now, this moment, feel softer and a little safer. I hope, if you find yourself on a similar page, that you find whatever u can to make the journey just a little bit softer and kinder.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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