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Welcome Back

Well here we are, September already and the helterskelter slip slide into that thing in December. Before the madness ensues, there are some wonderful things to look forward to; Self Care September, Artober, PAD Challenge (Poem A Day) in November. So grab a cup of something you enjoy and lets have a chat about the first on the list, Self Care September. A great pencil case/handbag size companion for Self Care September is Lottie doll, ‘Be Kind’, here she is with a card from Goddess Love oracle deck by Wendy Andrew, the card I pulled for the overall energy for Self Care September was; Self Discovery; Dive Deep. Sounds good doesn’t it.

‘Be Kind’ Lottie doll seemed the perfect companion for Self Care September

In previous years I have taken this time to hunker down n circle the preverbial wagons, blanket fort and try to find a still point of rest, as I struggle with anxiety, depression and choronic pain. Self care is important but one I often forget during survival 101 (just trying to basic things, like eat, hydrate and try to sleep!). In the past I’ve bought books, courses or other ‘stuff’ to help parent myself though life’s challenges I’ve shared some in the video below. Susannah Conway had an amazing course The Sacred Alone, all about different ways of taking care of yourself and I’m going to be coming back to that practice with crystals, card decks, meditation. Coming back to Reiki, singing bowls n koshi chimes. Reminding myself of the good things I have in my environment, right here right now. I’ll be sharing great sites where I’ve found wonderful Meditations and ASMR stuff that helps me sleep. Hands up who hasn’t been able to sleep?

Here is a video of the sort of books I’ll be taking time with and always help me feel companioned. If you are looking for some ideas for kind books for unkind days to companion you through Self Care September and the darker evenings, I offer you this video of my favorite books.

I have more faves now, but don’t wanna give you all the content for September in one day eh. I’ll post when I can, pain levels permitting. (Previously I’d have prepped this months ago and just have it all set to go live on certain days but well, life got in the way).

This isn’t gonna be a time of bringing new stuff in for me

I have fed that over the years, I’m doing some Marie Kondo, or should that be Kon Maire on my stuff, as and when I can, so its a bit of a different feel this time round. This year, Self Care September, is more about connecting with my environment and what I have already. Pacing is something I really need to work on, I keep rushing at things when pain levels allow me too and then sprain something and end up back not able to do anything for so long. Boom n bust. So thats something I defo need to get better at. Being kinder to myself when that happens, with the Sacred Alone Practice. File me under #processing. Physical, mental and emotional, so trying to find kind ways to process a lot.

PLAY is gonna be a part of it

You have probably noticed that due to lack of dexterity, making art, cards n books has had to take a back seat on the blog and in my life. I’m sad about that, but saving ‘spoons’ for essentails. As a kid, I used to enjoy dolls and the bjds n Schildkrot dolls are wonderful company and pose great for drawing (when I have dexterity to do that) but the simple pleasure of swapping outfits on some dolls has been just too expensive on those dolls, so I’ve invested in some… what are known in the doll hobby, as play line dolls. Thats dolls like barbie, etc. I’d share more on You Tube but don’t want to get the channel designated for kids coz then no comments! The robots that decide that are not very chatty n rules are forever changing.

My fave playline dolls at the present are Lottie dolls, more about them in the coming posts. I have a couple of Matel Creatable World dolls. I like how they are gender neutral and very posable, those also come with a selection of outfits which scratches my itch to change clothes on the dolls. There are three made to move Barbies in my toy box too, thankfully they have more ethnic diverstity in that range now, but I prefer Lottie dolls. Not a fan of the less than human proportions on Barbies, poor girls would need a corset for that waistline.

Poetry and writing

Staying on the creative side, if you scroll back a bit, you will see the crochet collection of animals I have collected. These are characters in a book of stories I’m writing. So far the stories about them have come out in verse. I don’t specifically sit to write poems, my poems just come to me. I’ll be making sarnie and a line comes into my head and another and I have to get a notebook n pen to write it down before I forget it. Thats fun. Then I write them up into a nice book and illustrate it another day and colour the illustrations antothe day again. Then on the weeks when I can’t create, I hang out with the dolls n characters n read the journal.

What about Art

I’ve definately fallen back in love with art, and thanks to Jane Davenport classes it can be just me and a sketch book. Pic candle is brilliant and exploring Kawaii. Art that doesn’t need a lot of supplies and can be picked up n put down without a lot of getting stuff out or putting stuff away. A sketch pad n pencil case level of art is the way to go atm. I’ll share more in coming posts.

This all comes back to pacing, what pain levels and the weather allow. Its not a choice I choose to make. Its life triage, what do I most need to do to stay alive, then what is most urgent, then how long do I need to recover from that. If I can hold a pen, I like to draw on really good days I like to write. But any of these things take their toll so its down to pacing as to what I can get away with and still have dexterity to eat a bit, even if thats just cereal.

It is what it is, we all have our challenges don’t we.

But I’ll write when I can, and even if its not all in September I’ll share some lovely sites with you, as soon as I can.


  • Susannah Conway Susanah Conway, do sign up for her wonderful newsletters, she calls them love letters n they are so amazing. Doing so also gets u access to secret parts of the site which have all kinds of wonderful things to join in with, watch or listen to. (no spoilers)
  • Lottie Dolls https://uk.lottie.com/ They have lots of ethnic diversity in the range, love these dolls. One word, NICE, not to disrepsect other brands but these are just really nice dolls. But I’ll do a post specifically on them soon, so watch this space.

How about you, will you be doing Self Care September and what will that look like for you? Do let me know in the comments.

This blog is going in a few new directions isn’t it, but keeps the spirit and heart I created it with. A joy of creating and a wish to share that journey. I hope you will stick with me, and thanks to everyone who has read this blog over the years. Do keep an eye on the You Tube channel, Sometimes when I can’t write, I make a video instead.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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Welcome Back

One of my favorite places to buy crytals from online, is Crazicarmas Crystals on Ebay. Donna photographs them all so well, from every angle and very close up, so you know exactly what you are getting. Donna also sends the actual crystal from the picture, rather than a random one of the same kind, which to me, is very important. Crystal spends are a luxury, a special treat, something often to cheer myself up or to help with a particular issuse I’m having at the time. When I recieve my purchases from CraziCarma’s Crystals they come in sturdy boxes, wrapped in purple tissue and with a scattering of purple angles in there too. It like a present and makes me feel so special. I also love how full a description she puts up about each one on the listings; where it comes from and the qualities its known for helping with.

A few new crystals

 Crystals I bought from Crazicarma’s Crystals on Ebay.

The crystals in the picture are

  • Stromatolite
  • Golden Danburite
  • Strontianite
  • Blue Scheelite
  • Garnierite
  • Diopase
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Peach Stilbite
  • Infinite Stone
  • Red Adventurine
  • Golden Felspar

Treat yourself to some crystals

I know times are difficult for us all at the moment. The crystal world can offer us so much; comfort, companionship, easing our suffering by helping us let out stuck emotions, helping us feel held, helping us feel grounded and less scattered, helping us with anxiety, depression and so much more. I know its an individual thing as to how sensitive you are to reciving these energies, and I’m not suggesting holding a crystal instead of seeking other medical treatment for conditions but at the same time, many of the crystals can make a big difference to your environment and wellbeing.

Crazicarma’s Crystals is a safe place to buy from she is kind and helpful, and everything is so well packed its a joy. Skip that cup of coffee and treat yourself to something beautiful from Crazicarma’s Crystals instead.

How do I choose my crystals

Do I choose my crystals, or do my crystals choose me? For me its a bit of both. I’ll see a crystal coo over it, check all the pictures and just ‘know’ this is the one for me. It could be the colour, the shape that draws me, only after that, do I read the description. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said ‘OMG, thats so perfect’, to a description of a crystal, in how it relates to a situation I’m having at the time.

Sometimes I set an intention; ‘Please help me find crystals that will help with…’

Sometimes its just that I’m feeling a certain way and I like to look through the crystal images as they are so beautiful and then certain ones catch my eye with the ‘Pick me’ feelings. Sometimes I get tickles, tingles or nudges when I see certain ones. I’ve learnt to trust those ‘hints’ that the crystal I’m looking at will be an important one for me to pay attention too.

Personally I like polished crystals. Though raw crystals are very beautiful and show the natural formation shapes, I personally find them more difficult to care for. Its not as easy to dust raw crystals and many crystals don’t take kindly to being washed under the tap to remove dust. I spiritually cleanse my  crystals with sound, so less chance of one melting coz it can’t take water.

I also like polished crystals and stones because I like to get hands on with them. I like to hold them, to meditate with them, to be able to handle them without risking damaging them. Some crystals are really tough and sturdy others are soft n delicate.

If you haven’t already, I can highly recommend bringing crystals into your world. They can be such a great help, in times of need. Even if you are not into the energy side of things there are so many beautiful crystals that will bring colour into your world and look beautiful in your living or working space.

I highly recommend Crazicarma because I’ve been shopping with her for a few years now its its ALWAYS a total joy.



Crazicarma’s Crystals Ebay shop in the UK

She is also on Facebook.

I do hope you visit her shop soon, please mention where you found out about her.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie x

PS If you want more information on crystals and their associations and meanings, I can highly recommend Adam Barralet on You Tube.

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