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Welcome Back

A heads up to say my Poetry ‘retreat’ is going well. I’m not stressing on deadlines, just writing along to the prompts as inspiration strikes.

Check out my poetry and other healing topics on


best wishes and thanks for reading


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Welcome Back

Time to give thanks to someone who has inspired me for many years; Suzi Blu. I’ve been her blog for many years now, she makes amazing art videos and is so encouraging. I think its important to thank those who mean a lot to us, even though, they may never read it.

Suzi recently posted about finding a voice and pilgrimage about finding ways to have the courage to go out when anxiety stops you. I have a lot of issues with this myself so I can relate, I admire her courage and have started a different blog to discuss those issues and offer links and books of support that have been useful in my own journey.

Suzi you have inspired me, I’ve been with you though all your ups and downs in life over the last few years and was thinking of you, virtually holding your hand, even when I didn’t or couldn’t post. I wish you a peaceful happy life, somewhere that you love and loves you too. Here is my poem to you in gratitude for all the happiness you have given me with your posts n videos.

To Suzi Blu, Thank you

Oh Suzi you are start dust

You are blessed and unique

Don’t listen to those who critise you

Or the evil that they speak

Your story it is precious, it is yours and yours alone

Your courage to post and to share it

Shows such strength and how you’ve grown

I’ve read your blog and seen your shows

Their inspiration glows,

With peace and love

and Truth and light

And helps us through our wowes

Through darkest times, both yours and mine

Your true hear still it shines

You help me to believe, in a moto I hold close to me

And sounds a lot like you

To Thine own self be true.




If you haven’t found Suzi Blu from my Art Blog roll yet here is her wonderful blog, check out her videos here: Suzi Blu

best wishes and thanks for reading


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Welcome Back

Wasn’t sure which blog to put this on, not sure if poetry is taking this blog too far off topic, so I posted it on my other blog

A Space To Heal instead.

Do pop over and have a look, be gentle with me, my dyslexia meant the finer points of English were lost on me at school, grammar and punctuation are lost on me. I just write from the heart, the sounds of my soul, borne on paper.

Here is my new poem


Thanks for reading, if you like what you see, do follow the new blog too. I will post craft stuff here, when I feel able too. Thanks for your patience in the mean time.


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Art Therapy Magazine

Welcome Back

Saw a TV advert for Art Therapy Magazine last night and I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy. Will let you know what its like if/when I can get a copy.

In the meantime you can find out more about it here: Art Therapy Magazine *this site has music so if you ar reading this in front of the tv you might want to mute what you are reading this on first ;)

best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie :)

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A Space to Heal

Welcome Back

I am not abandoning this blog, promise, but I need to write about things unrelated to paper craft and rather than taking this one off topic I have started a new blog.

A Space to Heal

Its about healing, recovery and trying to find ways to find peace, to de-stress. There may also be a little gardening, so expect makeover type pictures there.

If you like meditation, and tranquility type of topics, come and have a look round.

I will come back to this post, I just need a place to heal and recover before I can do that. There are lots of great how too’s and reviews here that are still relevant to today, so I hope this blog will remain useful to you.

best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie x

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Thought for the day

Welcome Back

Taking one day at a time. Trying to rebuild my life from the tattered shards of grief and loss. This sums it up rather well;

I hope to post something craft related again at some point. Right now I’m working on breathing in and out.

My new favourite author is Pema Chodron:


Pema Chodron Quotes

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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Hi All

I haven’t given up on the blog honest! I’m having a lot of trouble with internet connection and even more problems with WIFI connection. Its now very rare that I can get online, so I’m reliant on gaps in DHs schedule to get access to a wired connection upstairs.

There was meant to be a calendar here today but… its taking minutes to open pages, then either connection drops out or the computer gets board waiting and times out. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay!

Best wishes


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