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Just so you don’t think I have forgotten about you, as that couldn’t be further from the truth, I’d like to share a few links to some really nice rubber stamps.

I was telling a friend about a rag doll I made and how I liked that she only had eyes not other features and she told me about Santoro and their Gorjuss range. Of course this sparked a research session, ohhh sooo nice. I could spend a fortune there, if I had one to spend but I did treat myself to a selection of the mini stamps.

My preferred size to work in is A6 and these are great for that and for art journalling as the stamps are 7cm tall. I have so far stamped them on the cover of my poetry journal and alongside some of my poems. Will add photos another day soz.

For those of you who are now who are Gorjuss, here you go, but you may need to sit on your hands coz they are super cute. I know I don’t normally do cute, but these are really emotive (is that the word I mean, they say so much with how they stand and their expression) that they really lend themselves to my from the heart poems and for the more personal journalling too.


Santoro London Main retailer of all things Santoro

Gorjuss collection All things Gorjuss

Gorjuss stamps Here are the stamps on their own.

The mini ones are made by Do Crafts and these are the one’s I’ve been collecting

The stamps with other ‘things’ around them ie boarders or journal blocks are larger at 10cm in height, so if you like to work small watch out which ones you choose.

There, I haven’t posted for ages, no pictures but SO much temptation. Did you miss me?

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon




Welcome Back

A heads up to say my Poetry ‘retreat’ is going well. I’m not stressing on deadlines, just writing along to the prompts as inspiration strikes.

Check out my poetry and other healing topics on


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Welcome Back

Time to give thanks to someone who has inspired me for many years; Suzi Blu. I’ve been her blog for many years now, she makes amazing art videos and is so encouraging. I think its important to thank those who mean a lot to us, even though, they may never read it.

Suzi recently posted about finding a voice and pilgrimage about finding ways to have the courage to go out when anxiety stops you. I have a lot of issues with this myself so I can relate, I admire her courage and have started a different blog to discuss those issues and offer links and books of support that have been useful in my own journey.

Suzi you have inspired me, I’ve been with you though all your ups and downs in life over the last few years and was thinking of you, virtually holding your hand, even when I didn’t or couldn’t post. I wish you a peaceful happy life, somewhere that you love and loves you too. Here is my poem to you in gratitude for all the happiness you have given me with your posts n videos.

To Suzi Blu, Thank you

Oh Suzi you are start dust

You are blessed and unique

Don’t listen to those who critise you

Or the evil that they speak

Your story it is precious, it is yours and yours alone

Your courage to post and to share it

Shows such strength and how you’ve grown

I’ve read your blog and seen your shows

Their inspiration glows,

With peace and love

and Truth and light

And helps us through our wowes

Through darkest times, both yours and mine

Your true hear still it shines

You help me to believe, in a moto I hold close to me

And sounds a lot like you

To Thine own self be true.




If you haven’t found Suzi Blu from my Art Blog roll yet here is her wonderful blog, check out her videos here: Suzi Blu

best wishes and thanks for reading


Welcome Back

Wasn’t sure which blog to put this on, not sure if poetry is taking this blog too far off topic, so I posted it on my other blog

A Space To Heal instead.

Do pop over and have a look, be gentle with me, my dyslexia meant the finer points of English were lost on me at school, grammar and punctuation are lost on me. I just write from the heart, the sounds of my soul, borne on paper.

Here is my new poem


Thanks for reading, if you like what you see, do follow the new blog too. I will post craft stuff here, when I feel able too. Thanks for your patience in the mean time.


Welcome Back


Haven’t posted in ages, well haven’t crafted in ages either TBH. I made the rag doll Matilda and still need to show you pictures of that.

Have watched a few shows on C&C. Still loving Craft Artist but haven’t had the energy to do that, but have just bought their adorable oriental digikit so hope to have a play with that.

In other news, I have been having a go a poetry. Its been a way to heal, seems my soul has a lot to say and is very angry. Most of it is quite personal stuff, so not for on here.

I still think of you and want to come back and write this blog again, so I’m going to post now and then as energy allows. So its worth keeping me on your readers, honest.

Some stuff just needs a lot of time to process and find ways to deal with and heal from and that’s what I’m doing and why I’ve not been posting here.

I wish you all joy peace and happiness and will return as soon as I am able too.


Best wishes and thanks for reading


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The other day when I woke up and decided I’d like to make a rag doll. After a search on the internet I found SourDoughDumpling on Ebay. She has some wonderful patterns similar to Tilda designs and I chose her pattern Matilda to create my rag doll, isn’t she beautiful.

Sourdoughdumpling pattern: Matilda

Sour Dough Dumpling pattern for Matilda rag doll pattern available on her Ebay shop, see link below.

I remember some tips from Create and Craft demos of Tilda dolls so for my project I traced round the pattern pieces and sewed them BEFORE I cut them out. I used pinking shears so that the fabric wouldn’t fray. Stuffed with polyester toy filling and discovered a plastic thick ended chop stick is your best friend when stuffing narrow limbs.

I made my doll out of curtain lining fabric, here’s a top tip if you use the draw around technique. I used a water erasable sewing marker. I used a damp cloth and the colour came off nicely BUT when I ironed one of the pieces the blue lines came back! for the limbs I ran the fabric under a cold tap and this has got rid of the marker and even after ironing it hasn’t come back. So don’t skimp on the warning that comes with these pens and TEST your fabric first to see if it will indeed erase again! I hope I’ll get away with the lines as they are on the edges of the body so those on the head should be covered by hair as will those at the shoulders, the rest will be covered by clothes.

Having fiddled with sewing some of the clothes dress I highly recommend using the draw around and sew limbs together before you cut them out, much easier for little 0.5cm seams. I’ll add pics in the next post about this.

Matilda has a dress cut out, the bodice is made up (well shoulders and neck sewn up) but I have only hemmed the skirt and sleeve sections as RSI has kicked off and fine motor skills are not happening without too much pain. Having to rest up.

Summer Trousers

I also made a start on my second pair of summer trousers before I lost the use of my hands. I am using the New Look pattern 6292 and after a bit of a tweek coz I was in between sizes they are a dream! I can never get trousers to fit and these are wonderful, best fit ever! I made the first pair out of poly cotton and this second pair which are still in construction, are in chambray.


Here are the links to the suppliers on the projects or patterns I am talking about in this post.

If you would like to make a rag doll too but don’t have spare fabric to hand Kath Kidson has a book which includes a printed doll, you just sew round and fill with stuffing. The book also contains a pattern you can trace if you wish to make the doll again in alternative fabric. This is a good one as it also includes several outfits for the doll. I love the PJs.

Hopefully I’ll share some pictures soon, when hands allow.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie x

Welcome Back

Saw a TV advert for Art Therapy Magazine last night and I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy. Will let you know what its like if/when I can get a copy.

In the meantime you can find out more about it here: Art Therapy Magazine *this site has music so if you ar reading this in front of the tv you might want to mute what you are reading this on first ๐Ÿ˜‰

best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie ๐Ÿ™‚