Welcome back, today I’d like to share with you a special little someone who is inspiring me to write poems and stories in my creative writing journal. His name is Ethan the Elephant and he is from Rue’s Bears on Etsy

Crochet Elephant
This is Ethan the Elephant from Rue’s Bears on Etsy

Here is the poem he inspired me to create.

Ethan the Elephant comes home

Ethan the elephant, came across the sea

Rue Yates made him, just for me

He doesn’t smell of dogs or cats

Or logs upon the fire,

No perfume smells to make me dizzy

I did ask first and she’s no liar.


He’s here to inspire poems

And stories that I write

If you are still on the fence,

Just know that, all will be alright.


Her creations are amazing

Adorable its true

You can’t stop, just at one

You’re bound to want a few


Buy them quick, they do sell fast

And made so well, they’re bound to last.


I hope you like them,

Just like me.

When you see them

You’re gonn go, ‘Squeee!’


So adorable, they’re here to cheer

They’ll bring joy, to loved ones near

If you can’t go there, to hug

Send a bear hand made with love.

written by Billie @billiescraftroom.wordpress.com

So I feel I need to clarify the smell thing. I have THE most sensitive nose/body ever. Perfumes, washing detergents, pet smells all send me dizzy and queezy so before I buy anything handmade, I always have to message people and try to find a delicate way to ask, if items are made away from animals n other scents. Not always an easy task. Rue was amazing and was not at all offended by the question and reasured me though there were animals in the house they had no contact with what she creates.

Later I read her bio on Etsy where it mentions the cats and dogs she cares for and how she creates by a log fire, so then I worried he’d smell of wood smoke but I had asked if it was smoke free home and she’d said yes.

ALL WAS FINE, beyond fine, amazing, wonderful perfect.

Ethan arrived today in a sturdy box all wrapped in tissue and was amazing. Not a whiff of anything at all, just like Rue said he would be.

I don’t think Etsy lets you write LONG essays in reviews, so my poem would be too long, so I write it here instead. I love her work so much I have ordered Delilah duck and Sebastian mouse too. The size is written in each animals listing but here is Ethan next to my A5 Stationary Island journal, for comparison.

Stationary Island A5 journal and Ethan Elephant from Rues Bears
Here is Ethan the Elephant from Rue’s Bears on Etsy next to my A5 Stationary Island journal, where my stories and poems live.

I really love Rue’s work, her Etsy store only opened in December so I do hope you will go over and see what she creates. If you like her work do share it and this post. I’m hoping to interview her for being an Artist of the month, so pop back soon for more details.


RuesBears on Etsy UK, her shop is based in Ireland.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


PS. For clarity and full disclosure I did BUY Ethan, so this is an independant honest review, just my opinion of how I found Ethan and Rue. I wasn’t sent anything free to review. I didn’t set out to write a full on review, it just kinda happened because he was so amazing and Rue was so amazing. Soz fan girling a bit aren’t I, oops

Welcome Back

Just wanted to thank everyone for visiting this blog, and for all your kind comments. The topics have been evolving this year, my limited dexterity means it affects what I do how much and when, so I have been exploring new areas. Like the ball jointed dolls and recently starting to share my poetry and interest in card decks. I still love all the hobbies that I started this blog to talk about, its just that my body isn’t allowing me to do them as much any more. I wanted to keep this blog rather than starting new one, so I hope you will stick with me and see where the coming years take us with the creativity. Here is a card I made, its so rare for me to make cards now I thought you might like to see it.

Seasons Greetings
Seasons Greetings

The card features a Santoro Gorguss stamp which I coloured in with Faber Castel Polychromos pencils. Around the edges I used Adirondak inks by Ranger and Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamps to create the Christmas tree foliage and baubles.

Times are difficult for us all, hunkering down and doing our best to get by moment to moment has been the underlying theme of the year. When so much is uncertain and uncontrolable, turning back to simpler things like reading books, listeing to music, making art with the supplies we have can make a big difference.

This year I started to draw more, I discovered Kawaii art style cute faces on everyday shapes or objects and there is a You Tube channel called Pic Candle who has some wonderful illustrations on to draw along with. I got several of her books. I am finding Kate Allan books very reasuring in scary times too. Her books feature sweet animal sketches and then quotes of encouragement. I love her to the moon and back for not only ‘getting’ what is like to have anxiety but that she is owning the fact its a work in progress and something she walks WITH rather than having fixed. There is a lot of pressure from society to ‘fix’ but access to help was very difficult before the pandemic and its not getting easier now. Some books that are all ‘rainbows n butterflies’ have felt like its dismissing the reality that yeah on good days u can get by, butignoring the fact that on other days the reality is very different and Im NOT failing when I need to stay under a blanket with the curtains closed ‘just to stay alive’.

The other books in a similar encouraging ‘holding your hand with this’ kind of style are You are positivley awesome by Stacie Swift. Everyday Calming Rituals by Tania Ahsan. I have bought 356 days of Art by Lorna Scobie, too. I know my hands won’t let me create every day, but its nice to have a book that I can dip into and just doodle along to whatever prompt or part done image is on the page. SLeep Tight Card deck by Sunny Present has some great tips for getting to sleep.

I’ve also found journalling specifically re mental health has been very helpful. I got a stationary Island dot grid journal and wrote about the panic attacks, what helps what doesn’t, the triggers when I know them and the thoughts n feeling that come up. Over the years I realised that there is a pattern, like I react in certain ways and I started a crisis card to help me remember what helped. As time when on I needed more room so I got the journal. Now when things go wonkey, its very comforting to go get that journal and know what helped me through that situation before. I’ve learnt I have about 6 kinds of panic attacks, no wonder I don’t recognise them, the different triggers side slam me. I think of it as the book of life kinda thing.

I was fed up of buying self help books which had stuff that didn’t help, and were either ‘smug sorteds’ (sorry I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and if you found a way to dig out, all hail to you, but some books come across very ‘you’re not trying hard enough’ if you don’t ‘get over it’ and there is more than enough of that attitude in the world already. I’m a bit marmite on mindfulness, it has its uses but isn’t for everyone and isn’t the one size fits all it is sometimes claimed to be. In the right hands, in the right moment its brilliant, but again, some people have made it sound like, if its not working for you its your fault and back we go on the blame game. Im not bashing anyone just being honest that working out what works for you is a very personal thing and there is a lot of blame, shame correction and gaslighting around anyone ‘not making it’.

Gee I was trying to be supportive n seemed to have slipped into ranty soap box sam moments sorry.

Please be as kind to yourself and others as you can in the moment. Just know if you need to hide in a toilet, cupboard or under the cover for a bloody good cry THAT IS OK!! Its your body’s way of letting out the stress, stopping it or trying to keep going holding it in and you end up with aches pains n all sorts. So you do you, and let others do them. We’re all just trying to muddle along without an istruction book aren’t we.

Sending u so many hugs of support. Do pop over to my You Tube as I’ve been sharing some poetry there, as writing too much or too often hurts the hands. (essay girl today eh!) Billies Craftroom You Tube https://www.youtube.com/user/BilliesCraftRoom

Hunker down with your books, art supplies and what ever makes the moment feel softer safer and more possible. We can get through this, but its not gonna be quick, so forget the sprint finish and plan for the long game and pace yourself taking one day or 5 minutes at a time. All we have is right now, and we are doing the best we can with the skills and energy levels we have in that moment.

When u need a hug n there is no one to hug you, grab the softest nicest blanket you have and wrap it around you closely. Imagin its your fave person, holding you safe. If you don’t have a blanket, maybe you have a favorite jumper or cardigan that might work for this too. If it all gets too much, drink a glass of water n go somewhere as quiet as you can find, rest up and know you can try again another day.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie xxx

Welcome Back

Seasonal waves from the dolls, they have gethered by the tree to watch seasonal films on tv. There are bjds, Wichtel dolls and an Llorens. All have kept me company and helped me hold onto at least some sanity during a difficult year.

Showing 12 dolls, bjds and Wichtel dolls
A gathering of the bjds, Wichtel Dolls and at the back stands a Llorens dolls Elana

May 2021 be kinder to us all, until then, stay safe and see you soon for some more poetry.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie x

Welcome Back

I started my first tarot tag on You Tube today, its called #Billies Poetry Tarot Tag. I’ve come here to write a transcript of the video so anyone who would like a written version, can still play along.

My poetry journal for tarot
Billie’s Tarot Poetry, my first tarot tag.

Hello and Welcome to Billie’s Craft Room

If you like Tarot, Oracle, Poetry, this one is for you. I’m going to blend them together to start my first tarot tag. I’ve been so inspired by the illustarions in, Oak Ash and Thorn tarot deck, that I decided to share the fun in a tag.

The Fox, the hare and the crow

As above so below,

But one forgot, the squirrel comes

To share some wisdom and some fun.


If you love tarot and this deck,

Love to poem, what the heck,

Grab a journal and a pen

Let this tarot tag, begin.


Choose a card or maybe three

Step inside it, what do you see?

Journal lots and make it rhyme,,

Then tag me in, so I can find.


We’ll share the journey and have fun

Poetry Tarot has begun.

#Billies Poetry Tarot


Ok how about a more detailed version?

  1. Choose a deck you wish to use
  • It can be tarot or oracle. I’m using Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot by Stephannie Burrows

2. Create your space to connect and create

  • I like to use a nice cloth, a journal and a pencil. You can add crystals, in sence, sound, whatever works for you.

3. Choosing a Card

  • Get comfortable, shuffle the cards in your preferred way.
  • Spread the cards out and draw one (or a few).
  • You could choose to look through all the cards face up and pick one that inspires you, that way.

4. Move the other cards out of the way so that you only have the chosen card in view

  • Look at it, what do you see?
  • Note the colours, time of day, time of year
  • Who or what is in the card
  • What are they doing
  • How does any of this make you feel
  • Imagine yourslef stepping into the card with them

5. For me poems just appear when looking at the cards, but try the steps above to promp ideas for you own poems. It doesn’t have to reflect the cards ‘official/traditional meanings’. Just go with what comes up for you at the time and no It doesn’t have to rhyme.

Please add the tag #Billies Poetry Tarot Tag in your VR’s, so we can all find your creations.

I hope you enjoy this tag and most of all, have fun.

Best wishes and thanks for watching, see you soon


Here is a link to the video I posted about this tag.

#Billies Poetry Tarot Tag [link coming soon, about to upload the video]

Welcome Back

Do you love to write, and want to get back to pen and paper rather than all those screens? Maybe you want to start a diary, journal, or are looking for a beautiful note books for your ideas or poetry, that novel you always wanted to write. Perhaps u need gift ideas for those in your life who write. Today I’ll share some supplies I love and where to buy them.


Stationary Island

A5 Stationary Island Notebooks
Stationary Island notebooks in A5.

Well, don’t even ask how many journals I have coz I ain’t gonna tell ya ๐Ÿ™„ but I love silky smooth paper and the sort that won’t bleed ink through to the next page. For that reason, my journal of choice is made by a company called Stationary Island. There is a choice of colours, they have dot grid, lined and plain journals, though availbility and colours offered varies. I use this for dot grid type journalling and the plain one for stories and poems.

Stationary Island are sold on Amazon but they also have their own website. https://stationeryisland.com/


A few of my Filofax organisers
Filofax Joy

I am also a fan of Filofax organizers for their versitility. There are many sizes, colours and materials, so you are sure to find something you will like. There are lots of different inserts to choose from to customise it, and you can buy punches so you can create your own pages, so if you want to use your own favorite papers in there you can. This is the UK site but they sell around the world. https://uk.filofax.com/

Here is my previous post about them. https://billiescraftroom.wordpress.com/2019/07/15/journal-joy/

As a total planner girl, (I have dyslexia so unless I write it down, I will forget it) so my Filofax collection means I can dedicate different ones to different parts of my life and know all the info I need is in that one place. I love the versatility that I can make these planners into litterally anything I need them to be, and that can be changed as and when needed.

Papuro Milano

Papuro Milano Journals
Papuro Milano Journals

Another favorite I buy from Amazon and is called Papuro Milano. You can buy paper blocks in plain, lined or address book, if you already have a wrap around cover from them, or want to create your own covers. You can buy them with the leather covers attatched and you can buy them with wrap around covers which the paper blocks slip into, allowing you to change the inside and still have the outer journal looking the same.

I adore the paper in these, not quite as silky as Stationary Island but they are even thicker paper, so no bleed through for pens and a joy to write on. There is a choice of colours and sizes and for these journals. Also available from The Online Pen Company (but I haven’t bought from them myself, no reason, just I didn’t know about them, till I reasearched other stockists for this post.

I use paper blocks from these to write a ‘dear diary’ kind of journal, using an old wrap around cover that is firmer and was from WHSmith from YEARS ago. To brain dump at bedtime and I also have another with the Papuro Milano Italian Leather cover, in the most amazing deep purple, that is in the picture, which is where I write my finished poems.


Paperblanks 'Old Leather' foiled Ultra wrap journal
Paperblanks ‘Old Leather’ foiled Ultra wrap journal in red

Paperblanks https://www.paperblanks.com/en/ and also Peter Pauper Press also have wonderful journals in a variety of sizes all have been exceptional quality and a joy to write in. Like the others in my lists they are available in many different colours and designs and a variety of sizes and formats. I like the ones with the magnetic closures and they are a real treat to write in, the one in the pictures is sewn binding making them last well, so no risk of pages droping out over time as they might with a glued type of binding style.

I am currently using these as grief journals. They are so beautiful and so well made, they are a place of refuge. I adore the Pauro ones I mention earlier but Paperblanks have hardcovers making them easier if you are using them on your lap not just at a table. Available in bookshops as well as their own website as listed.


PIC coming soon, it got too dark to photography! Winter eh!

You might be wondering why this top brand is right down here at the bottom of the list. I do love the silky smoothness of the paper in molies but I need a higher GSM than the classic offers at 70GSM, which is thinner than regular printer paper which is 80gsm (paper weight Grams per Square meter, in USA u work in Lbs for paper weights) but still I have a pet peeve re bleed throughs on molies, so I tend to use them just with pencil.

Where to buy

Finally a shameless list of places I love to go online to look at beautiful stationary.

  • Cult Pens, https://www.cultpens.com/ journals pens, pencils Ohh a stationary junkie’s paradise.
  • All Things Analogue https://allthingsanalogue.co.uk/ (I’m very tempted by the sand timers on there, but being clumsy by nature, haven’t gone for one yet.
  • If you enjoy calligraphy (sadly my hands aren’t up for this anymore) but Scribblers Calligraphy https://scribblers.co.uk/ has some wonderful supplies.
  • Hey Little Magpie https://www.heylittlemagpie.com/ has journals of many kinds, plus pens, washi tape n craft supplies
  • The Online Pen Company https://www.theonlinepencompany.com/ new to me but they also stock the Papuro Journals. (update and so much more, this is a site I need a cup of tea to have a good look around, journals pens and more nice!)
  • Just did a search for Moleskein https://gb.moleskine.com/ if you want an alternative stockist to the high street or Amazon.

Poetry Corner

Well thats it for me, I’m off to try to find a Moleskine for some poetry.

Does anyone know of any poetry forums that aren’t on FB etc? I adore Writers Digest and would be interested in a comunity space in the new year. But wild horses won’t get me on FB and its pals, so something independant in ye olde forum format would be grand.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, would love to hear what journals you love to use and how you use yours.

Stay safe and be kind to each other. I’ll be in the back of the cave hermiting with card decks, crystals n books. Will write again when I can.

Billie x

Welcome Back

Sometimes poems just come to me, litterally just like that! I can see an image and the words just flow. I was on twitter and saw an illustration of a wren by itsnotallaboutwork and it prompted the following poem. Its my version of a classic known as The wren.

The wren, the wren, the king of the birds.

My feet are cold, I’m forgetting the words.

Please send socks, and somewhere to sleep,

Coz its cold out here, and the darkness it creeps.


The cats try to eat me, the rain it is wet.

But here on this perch, yet windblown, Ive slept.

I’m singing a song, as bold as can be,

Though I am so tiny, can u even see me?


Look deep in the shrub and there I will be.

Singing my heart out, with spirit and glee.

Leave me some water and even some food

I’ll sing to you often, to raise up your mood.


by Billie from Billie’s Craft Room

Here is the tweet with the image by Itsnotallaboutwork on Twitter, that inspired this poem.


Here is their twitter page https://twitter.com/itsnotaboutwork

best wishes, thanks for reading, stay safe

Billie x

Yesterday the wonderful Oak Ash and thorn Tarot deck arrived, from Three Trees Tarot. Its beautiful images, sparked a poem. Which I’d like to share with you. Stephanie Burrows the deck’s creator, often refers to this deck as OAT, (oak, ash and thorn). I loved that we were called Oatlings in her newsletters. Its always nice to feel like you belong and the tarot/oracle community that is on You Tube is a very nurturing place.

Even if tarot isn’t normally your thing, please read this poem and have a look at these beatiful images, all nature inspired and sure to be balm to your soul in these challenging times for us all. Its a deck you can read intuativly and the images are so detailed, you see more things in them each time you look. Here is the Page of Wands card from Oak Ash and thorn deck, which inspired this poem

This image inspired the poem Song of the Trees by Billie at Billie's Craft Room

Page of Wands card from Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot deck

The Song of the Trees

Tree of wisdom, what do I do?

I’m here to learn and listen to you.

I bring this garland, to this place.

To honour you and your grace.


Throught many storms and seasons, you

Have battled hard, and strongly grew.

I’m older now, and wiser too.

But here I sit, listening to you.


For deep within, those sturdy boughs.

Is wisdom deep, yet closely veiled.

I feel the whisper, in my paws.

I feel the tingle, in my claws.


I listen close, to the earth song.

A mother’s heartbeat, soft, yet strong.

Though you are wise, And you are strong.


It’s in that heartbeat, we belong. A song that whispers, in your leaves.

That holds us close, and never leaves.

So I sit here, And listen close.

Then share this song, with other folk.



By Billie from Billie’s Craft Room


Here are some more images from this beautiful deck created by Stephanie Burrows and artist Adam Oehlers

A selction of cards from Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot deck.


Here is the side of the box wrap around from Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot deck, showing the author Stephanie Burrows and the artist name Adam Oehlers.


This is the belly band from around the tarot deck Oak Ash and Thorn, showing the front of the band with a hare, a squirrel, a crow, and a fox which are the animals for each suit in this deck.


This is the belly band from around the tarot deck Oak Ash and Thorn

This is the belly band from around the tarot deck Oak Ash and Thorn, showing the back of the band with deck information on.


If you would like to learn more about this tarot deck, please visit Stephanie’s website;

Three Trees Tarot, where you can view more images of the deck. From there you can also find her instagram account and read more aboutย  Stephanie Burrows the creator and the artist Adam Oehlers. Its a wonderful deck and has a very autumnul feel, perfect for this time of year. The cardstock is devine, thick and mat so no glare.

I admit I haven’t got as far as doing a reading with it yet, I was just looking through the cards admiring all the beautiful artwork when this poem just came to me and I had to write it down before I forgot it. That’s how my poetry happens, I don’t sit down TO write, words just appear in my head and I have to grab a journal and write them down.

Funny thing is I get to the last verse or too, and its like the juice runs out and I am ‘expected’ to write the last line or verse myself which is often why I keep having bits of my poems that seem a bit disjointed at the end. I left this one to stew overnight and when writing this here today I tweeked the offending verse and perfer the result.

If you are interested in seeing more of this kind of content or enjoyed this post, do let me know in the comments. Please do share this post with anyone you know who might like it.

Best wishes and thanks for reading,

Stay safe ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒˆ

Billie ๐Ÿฆ“