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Welcome back,
If you are looking for a book to get you started in bookbinding then a good one to start with is ‘Expressive Handmade Books’ by Alisa Golden
Expressive Handmade Books
There are plenty of photographs of both step by step and finished projects. Sewn bindings as well as folded books are shown in detail.
Here is a list of chapters in the books
Chapter 1; Ways to begin
Chapter 2; Circle Accordions
Chapter 3; Dreams, Flags and More Accordions
Chapter 4; Side bindings and Sewn Signatures
Chapter 5; Folds & Twists; Books with Multiple paths
Chapter 6; Covers and Closures; Keeping it all together
Chapter 7; Sorting through the box.
You could easily try many of these projects just using copier paper and scrap card just to see if you like the ideas. Move on to better card and paper when you are ready.
Have fun and thanks for reading.
**Previously posted on the old blog 13th February 2008**

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