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In today’s post I will be reviewing; Daler Rowney Texture Paste.

Daler Rowney; Texture Paste

Daler Rowney; Texture Paste

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Daler Rowney/ Cryla
  • Item number: 128250017
  • RRP at time of writing: £7.50 from SAA


‘Quote from Daler Rowney Packaging’

  • Builds heavy layers of texture in fine art and craft work
  • Directions: Apply with a knife, stick or stout brush to any grease free rigid surface. Including wood stone unglazed ceramic, MDF and cardboard or shape with modelling tools. On flexible surfaces eg stretched canvas, use up to 1/1 with Daler Rowney Impasto gel matt medium.
  • Drying times vary according to conditions. Fill any cracks in very thick applications with more texture paste or Daler Rowney Impasto Matt medium. Sand, carve  and over paint with acrylic colours as required.
  • Suitable for acrylic painting.

Reason For Buying

I had ideas for dimensional projects using modeling paste-but that dries slightly soft. When I saw this demonstrated on Creat and Craft, I pounced on it, as this does the kinds of things I wanted to do. It also looked like it dried much harder.


  • Can be used alone for a white finish
  • Builds textures and dimension. Great for faux stone like finishes
  • Mixes with colours for a coloured ground
  • Dries overnight
  • From the jar it is white, so ideal to paint over
  • Stamp into it while it’s still damp for debossed effects
  • Easy to clean tools in water, clean immediately so the paste doesn’t dry on your tools
  • No smell, other dimensional products have had harsh ammonia smell, but there is no smell with this product YEY!!!!
  • Use with stencils and over textured paper for effects


Haven’t got any, its done all I asked of it and more

Build Quality

Excellent, It really holds shapes you press into it or create with it and mixed with colour or over painted performs superbly.

Value for Money

Just the beginning, a few samples made after only an afternoon with texture paste!

Just the beginning, a few samples made after only an afternoon with texture paste!

Texture paste is excellent value for money, it is such a versatile exciting product. These are samples from just two afternoons playing with texture paste for the first time. Tutorials are planned  😉

Would I buy it Again?

Totally! LOVE love this product, every time I use it I find a new technique.

Summing up

Lovely stone like texture, created with texture paste

Lovely stone like texture, created with texture paste

Very versatile product. Alters how paint behaves when mixed with colour. Great for adding textures and dimension to your creative projects. If you haven’t tried it yet but like dimensional effects and textures, get some, its fantastic. Because of the weight the product adds to the surface, it is best to use it on a firm support. I’ve used it mainly on Mount board, but have got away with using it on something lighter; 300 gsm, but I’m still going to mount that onto mount board for better support.

I adore textures and look forward to experimenting with a variety of tools with this paste to see if I can recreate my favorite textures in paint. If you have masks and embossing folders experiment with cardstock and paste combinations. I have now been able to use my collection of brass stencils that I haven’t had the dexterity to use before.

Really enjoying this product, its exciting and so much fun. Hope you get some soon and will share how you use this excellent product. I’ll experiment and see if painting over it will give me a good enough black, otherwise I’ll beg D.R  to make a black version of the product, as this is going to be FANTASTIC with those interference/shimmering colours they make.

Short version: Joy in a Jar! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

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