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The theme for The Virtual Crafting Challenge this month, is ‘D’. For those of you looking to get started in Distressing techniques with paper, this series is all about my favorite tools for creating Distressed looks. In today’s post; 

Acrylic Dabbers

Acrylic Dabbers are made by a company called Ranger, the colour pallet matches their Adirondack set of colours. I love these Dabbers, they are little bottles of Acrylic paint in a bottle with a special dabber in the top. The top looks a lot like the fluffy side of velcro and it has a valve inside, to regulate how much paint comes through. 

Acrylic Dabbers

Ranger Acylic Dabbers.


The dabbers can be a little tempremental at times. If you have left the paint to dry on the dabber top, you will need to dampen the sponge top, to get the paint flowing again. I tend to spray a little water onto a craft sheet and then swish the dabber top in that. After a bit of a press, the paint flows again. Personally, I quite like the hit n miss effect, that comes when there is some dried on paint in the dabber’s top. 

These paints work great on card and paper and also on metal and plastic too. Try them on Grungebord/paper as well. I love the versatility that these paints give. You can paint without getting extra equipment out, they also give a wonderful texture to projects as well. 

Here is a project that was coloured with Acrylic Dabbers. 

Distressed Box

Although this looks like an ancient metal box, it is in fact made from cardboard.




Ranger Manufacturers of Acrylic Dabbers 

Acrylic Dabbers Link to a color chart of Dabbers from Ranger. 

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon 

Billie 🙂


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