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Welcome Back

In this series of articles I will be covering how to add your own films, to your blog. Before you run for your camera and press record, STOP. A little planning now will save you sooo much time. Regular viewers will remember my earlier series on ‘Getting Started with Blogging’, in which I covered, how to make a plan to decide if what is in your head, is ‘worthy’, by your own standards, of making it on to your blog. Use the same check list on ideas for your films.


When you can say ‘Yes’ to all these then you are ready to take the next step;

  • You have got your idea
  • You know what you want to film
  • You have decided that a film is, how you want to share your idea
  • You have a clear plan of why you are making the film
  • You have a clear plan of who the film is for


Time to assemble the players

Here are the next things to consider;

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Place to film
  • Lighting
  • Computer compatible with the camera, to enable you to edit and share the finished film
  • Software to edit the film
  • An account with an on-line video site to host your film
  • Storage


Coming up in the next article

In the following articles I will go into more detail in each of these areas, to enable you to create the best film you can to enhance your blog. 

Part 2; What Do I need to start filming 



If you would like to see the videos I’ve made so far, here is my home on You Tube.



Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie 🙂


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