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Introduction to Blogging Part Three;  

Adding Pictures

Continuing this series of articles about getting started with blogging, today’s entry is about adding pictures to your blog. I will not describe ‘how’ to upload your pictures to your blog, as that will vary from blog host to blog host and also from where your pictures are currently stored. You will need your pictures to be on your computer in order to upload them to whichever site you choose to use. To do this you can either take your photos using a digital camera and them following your camera/computers software instructions transfer the pictures to your computer. If you do not have a digital camera you can use a scanner plugged into your computer, to scan images of completed works.

Show and Tell

When the purpose of the day’s post is entirely about sharing a finished piece of work, here is my thought process and how I choose what pictures to add. Posts in this category I think of as ‘Show and Tell’ as they say in the USA.

What is it? 

Firstly I write a brief paragraph as an introduction to what the piece is. A back story is good, why the piece was created, for a swap as an example.

Add an Image

This is the first thing viewers will see of your work, before they start to read. Make sure you have either a single image or series of images that show your work to its best. Take pictures of the inside of your project if that has been decorated too. I edit my photos in Photoshop Elements to ensure they look as good as they can, then add a watermark to ensure my details stay with the finished photograph.

List products Used

Personally I always list in detail the products I have used in my work. When I have visited blogs where people show finished work the first comments are often questions about what papers/inks/ stamps were used in the projects.


I link to the manufacturer’s sites of the products I have used. Remember people from all over the world may read this article, so listing a local store is not as helpful as you may first think. Most manufacturers sites have a store locator which is of much more use to a global audience.

Coming up in Part Four

In the next article I will describe how I write my tutorials. Part 4; Writting Tutorials for your Blog


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