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The theme for The Virtual Crafting Challenge this month, is ‘D’. For those of you looking to get started in Distressing techniques with paper, this series is all about my favorite tools for creating Distressed looks. 

Before I started using paints to distress things, I used ink. Here are a couple of my favorite inks for distressing. 

Alcohol Ink

Alcohol Inks & Accessories

Alcohol Inks & Accessories

Alcohol Ink

This is perfect for distressing/aging and otherwise altering 

Metal, Glass and plastic. 

I use this on embellishments like clips and shiny surfaces. 

Adirondack Dye Ink

Adirondack ink by Ranger

Adirondack Dye Ink 

Great for distressing on card and paper. Although I should add that I use Espresso, Terracotta and Latte rather than Pink Sherbert!!! 

Apply with Ranger Cut n Dry foam, for an airbrushed aged effect. 

Check out my Tutorials page for more information and inspiration for distressing paper and card. 

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon 

Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back

I have been playing with alcohol ink, I have had my ink for a couple of years but not really made friends with it. Until a couple of weeks ago. I read a tutorial describing using it over card painted with metalic paint and decided to give alcohol inks a try over Mirror board.

I used quite a thick mirror board and applied Rust and Terracotta ink over gold mirror board using the apllicator tool and got this;


Rust and Terracotta alcohol ink on top of gold mirror board

Rust and Terracotta alcohol ink on top of gold mirror board



I used the blending solution over the ink to give it the marbled look. Make sure you work on a craft sheet to protect your table. Use the Blending solution to clean any excess ink of the sheet once you have finished.



www.rangerink.com Ranger

http://www.rangerink.com/products/prod_alcoholink_adirondack.htm This will take you to the alcohol inks on the Ranger site

http://www.rangerink.com/products/prod_inkssentials_craftsheet.htm Craft Sheet

http://www.rangerink.com/products/prod_tools_adirondackapp.htm The ink applicator tool


I’ll show you the other colour combination I made later in the week and what I have made with this piece too.


Best wishes and thanks for reading



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