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Recently a friend of mine on a stamping forum was looking for larger images to colour with her Pro Markers as she struggles with her sight. I was watching Nancy Watt on Create and Craft TV and saw they had digi stamps pre printed on Pro Marker friendly cardstock for sale and it gave me an idea.

Dover Publications; Clip Art CDROMs & Books

Dover Publications; Clip Art CDROMs & Books

These are Clip Art images on CD Rom made by Dover Books. Although some of their CDs are of pre coloured images, many are just black & white outlines. Perfect images for colouring in with Markers of any kind. My other half who is more technical minded suggests you colour up to rather than over any printed line, as the Pro Marker is likely to pick up and collect the printer ink. If you are printing for Aqua Markers try not to saturate the final print with water or some inks will run. It’s one to test, depending on your card, printer and ink combination.

These are just ideas to try out. I would recommend you try them with your older markers first rather than your most favorites, just in case the ink does run. Try colouring up to near the line and let the pen bleed up to the line, rather than touching the line with your pen 😉

There are all kinds of subjects within the range. They would work well for altered art and art journalling too. Check out options for surfaces to print onto for altered art applications. I’m thinking acetate (get the special printable kind) or even onto decal paper, which gives you options of appling the final image to curved surfaces 🙂


  • Dover Clip Art CDRoms. This will take you to the clip art CD ROM section of their website. There are coloured images as well as black and white ones.

Hope you enjoy using these books & discs as much I do. They are a lot of fun for all kind of creative projects.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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