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Welcome Back


Regular followers of this blog will know that I am doing Julie Prichard’s online classes. I just wanted to put a little post up to encourage anyone interested in getting hands on with paint, without fear to go check out Julie’s classes.


At the time of writing, Julie currently has three online classes.

Layer Love

This class is all about learning Julie’s style of backgrounds. Which is such an understatement as to what you get out of the class. Each class builds on an earlier one, and before you know it you are comfortable with the paints and bursting with ideas of how it will work for you. Weather you are a cardmaker, scrapbooker, art Journal fan or just wanting to explore what can be done with paint and imagination, then this class is for you. There are a list of the supplies you need listed on the class page, so you can find out what you will need before class starts. If you are on a budget….do what I did, sign up for the class and find out how to do things and gather your supplies as you go. It’s nearly Christmas after all…you could ask Santa for paint…if you’ve been really good 🙂


Art Journal Super Nova; In the Beginning


This section of the class is all about learning how to create three kinds of book that you can use for art journaling. You can easily alter the kinds of paper used in the books for your own purpose and they make excellent gifts with the holiday season rapidly approaching. When the pennies are tight, the hand made gift made with love is even more appreciated. There are video demonstrations of each project, and once you have joined you can watch the videos at a time that suits you, day or night. Julie is on hand to offer help and advice for your questions. There is a supplies list for the class on the website, so you can find out what you need before you start. If you have been paper crafting for a while, you are very likely to have MOST of the stuff already.


Art Journaling Super Nova Part Two

OK this class has only just begun at the time of writing, so I can’t do a review type comment at this stage. This section of the class is dedicated to learning various methods of art journaling, if you have taken part one, you can work in the journals you created in that, or in any kind of journal you have to hand.


So how does it work.

You go to Julie’s website and click on the workshops tab at the top of the page. Select the class you want and pay up. Julie sends you an email with a link to the Land of Lost Luggage network on Ning. You do need to join Ning, but it is free, and in your settings you can choose what information is available to other students. Create a Ning ID and accept Julie’s invitation to the network and to the class you have joined and you are in. It is as simple as that.


I have always wanted to learn about art, but would never have found the courage to attend a class at a college or similar. If that sounds like you then, I can highly recommend Julie’s class. You will find friendly class mates and a VERY kind, supportive and encouraging teacher. (Trying not to sound like the biggest suck up!!) but if you are on the fence about taking classes, it can be intimidating to take the step and actually do one of these. You work at your own pace, and if you want advice or help just post your question in the network and Julie will help you. I was very shy about posting my finished pieces in the network, but the feedback I received made the leap of faith, SO worth it.


So am I on commission for writing this? NO. I am just really pleased with just how much I’ve learnt from these classes, how amazing Julie has been for support and advice. I just want anyone who reads this blog and who has been wanting for years to enjoy painting to learn more, in a fun supportive way, to find a great teacher and a wonderful community to learn in.



Here is a link to Julie Prichard’s website, where you can find out more about the classes I’ve mentioned.

Julie Prichard website

Julie Prichard On line Workshops


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


Billie 🙂


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Art Journaling

Welcome Back

You might have noticed my growing side panel now includes links to more art related places. This is  because back in May, for the first time I stared an Art Journal. For several years I have been following Suzi Blu, both on her blog and on You Tube and she made journalling look so much fun. Like a lot of people though I felt intimidated by paint and brushes, not worthy and not really sure how to use them to create the kind of looks that I saw on other people’s pages.

 I purchased a digital download of a new publication by Stampinton & Company called Art Journalling. This is the perfect place for someone like me, interested in what art journaling is all about but not sure where to start. Well a few pages in and I was so excited, I discovered like all art that it is all a matter of personal taste, and like my comfort zone of ‘crafting’ there is no right or wrong way to go about it. The magazine highlighted the fact that there were many different styles out there and people use all kinds of different mediums (paints, inks, pens, pencils etc). 

Over the years I have ‘collected’ all kinds of different art products, paints, pencils of all kinds and quite a few pens, but never really felt confident in using them, not really feeling worthy and not wanting to ‘spoil them’ by using them and wearing them out!!!! Sound familiar?

The one phrase in the Stampington Art Journal magzine that really shouted to me was a page with the phrase

‘He offers you wings, and asks the question ‘Can you forget your fear of falling long enough to fly’

That summed my relationship with art up completely! It has been a fear of ‘getting it wrong’, creating something that wasn’t beautiful that has put me off. That and years of a BAD secondary school art teacher, telling me my stuff was rubbish. Well I decided I did want to fly and found a blank spiral journal and started to make pages.

I re watched all Suzi’s Art Journal videos on You Tube and the phrase that has made the biggest difference to me from her was;

‘My journal is a sacred place, where I give myself permission to make the worst art imaginable’

I created a page around that and you know what, because I had accepted that this journal was just for me, not to show people and have them maybe say it was no good. This was for ME. By giving myself permission to have a go I cut the restricting ropes of ‘what if it turns out rubbish?’ that didn’t matter anymore. This journal was a place to play and discover what I do and don’t like, what works with paints and colours and what doesn’t. It was the most liberating thing I’ve done with my creative life and at last art was as much fun as it was when I was a small child. Just drawing and painting and having fun with colour.

Wow that was a bit of an essay wasn’t it! Sorry about that, but this was one of those moments where just one little change, one small step made a HUGE difference and changed how I look at my art.


If you are struggling to be able to do the same with your art, to make friends and have fun with it like when you were small and there weren’t rules. Have a look at some of the links below, they really could change you life for the better!

Suzi Blu

Art Journaling on You Tube

You Tube


Julie Prichard


Julie’s Art Journalling Tutorial Pt 1


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


Billie 🙂

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