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Welcome back

I wanted to show you the first codex book I ever made, back in March 2008. It has sewn signatures and hard covers and looks just like the hard covered books you have on your selves. Trickey doing the cover, particularly lining the spine,but really pleased with the result.  I printed the cover papers from Glenda’s Artylicious; Damask Delights cd, and the spine is covered with leather look paper. The endpapers are created using Rangers Color wash spray inks.



This shows the endpapers, created with the colour wash spray.

I hope I can get some bookcloth when I’ve had some more practise as it would be good to see how that works for covering. The sewn signatures I followed the instructions in the book Cover to Cover by Shereen La Plantz p34 if you have the book.



I covered the book using the instructions from Peter on You Tube http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=o_EcRtRxVXI This is part one of six episodes.

This is a link to Graphicus where you can get the Damask Delights CD http://www.graphicus.co.uk/

The only tragic thing was that my bargin press failed, my lovely DH has now fixed it.


Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie 🙂


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