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Do not fear, this is still a paper-craft blog, but the light is so low here at the moment that paper-craft and painting are difficult to do. In the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with some baking and yarn crafts to see if I like them. Today I’d like to share a picture of some cookies that I recently made.

Orange biscuits

Orange biscuits

These were from the book; Complete Baking by Martha Day on page 47. They were simple to make but they came out far too crisp for my own liking. This was due mainly to the fact that the element in our top oven was recently replaced so it’s now cooking MUCH hotter than it ever used to, so it’s a lottery whether what comes out will be edible, or not. I did learn that you can eat cake that has a black top to it, just peel off the black bits from the top and its OK(ish).

Before baking it, I tried the dough and worried that I had made a mistake adding salt to the mix. It was listed in the recipe but I tend to leave it out as I use salted butter and most recipes tell you to use unsalted, so I figure any required butter is already in there. As it turned out, they were fine, although the orange zest and juice had left only a little orange flavour to the biscuit after baking. To increase the orange tang, I used the rest of the orange juice left over to mix with icing sugar and added some as a glaze to a few of the biscuits.

I also tried to run some chocolate ‘zig-zag’ style across the biscuits…and learnt that once chocolate has left the hot bowl it tends to hug the spoon and not want to leave it. A more play school like desperation set in and instead I used the spoon to dab chocolate on the biscuits instead. As you can imagine those weren’t the most photo worthy results, so I took a pic of the plain biscuits instead. DH is a star, didn’t mind a bit that they wouldn’t have done well on the catwalk and said they tasted fine. That said they were ‘dunkers’, rather than biscuits to crunch through. I much prefer the almond biscuits I make from that book, and they will be next on the baking list πŸ™‚

How about you, what do you love to bake? I’d love to make sweets n chocolates but being a clumsy sort this does sound like a recipe for disaster right? Anyone know of any easy books for making chocolates or sweets? Do leave me a comment if you have found any books that you would recommend for a total newbie πŸ™‚

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie πŸ™‚


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