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Welcome Back

In today’s post I will be reviewing;

Beading Design by Kim Gover

Beading Design by Kim Gover

  • Title: Beading Design with semi precious stones
  • Author: Kim Gover
  • Publisher: David and Charles
  • ISBN: 13:978-0-7153-3011-1    ISBN: 10:0-7153-3011-X
  • RRP £12.99

My Reason for Buying

I haven’t bought this yet.. the book I’m reviewing I found in the library. I wanted it as it had lots of information about different stone and what colours they were, as well as some really nice projects too.

I tell you this as often a review is based on how well the book lived up to the expectations of its reader, for their purpose 😉


Introduction, About this book, Materials & Tools, Buying Gemstones

  • Chapter 1; The Stones
  • Chapter 2; The Directory; Projects selector, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earings, Matching sets, other accessories 
  • Chapter 3; Core Techniques
  • Resources 



  • Very useful information about buying gemstones, in person as well as online
  • Stones are sorted by colour in the first chapter, Great if you are new and have a colour scheme in mind and need to know which gems come in those colours.
  • In the first chapter, each stone has the following information; Typical colours, Popular forms, Relative cost, combinations and facts.
  • Project selector has a many projects, with close up photos and including a list of beads and materials used
  • Core Techniques covers a selection of wire work for decoration, as fasting and as closures
  • Resource List; has links to online sires, retailers, books and magazines


Haven’t got any.

Value for Money

Excellent,  Great resource book if you want to use quality stones but have no prior knowledge or experience.

Would I buy it Again?

Yes. It’s definately going on my wish list of books I need to buy.

Summing up

The information about stones is fantastic, and suitable of all abilities. The projects section has no actual step by step photos of how projects are created, so prior knowledge, even at a basic level (or with a technique book next to you) will help you get more from this book if you are a complete novice. There is however a close up of each finished piece with a label next to the component parts and a full list of beads and materials used.

This book is ideal if you have made a few pieces before and are looking for new ideas, its great to use for inspiration and as a jumping off point for your own ideas.

I need more practice before I’m ready for the higher quality stones, but I’ll definitely get this book as there are some lovely designs in there and the stone list at the front will be really useful.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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