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Welcome back


I have to admit that last weeks posts were written and scheduled ahead of time as DH was doing mantenance on this machine so I had no use of it till the weekend. I have sooo much to catch up on. 

In the meantime a quick update, congratulations go to my good friends that have just had their first baby, a little boy called Luke. I will post pictures of their card and pressies as soon as they have recieved them.


I have discovered that Rangers Alcohol ink looks awesome over miri board and need to process the pictures before I can show you them.


I have gone nuts and bought a Big Bite Crop A Dile 2. Well I really don’t like orange and QVC had a good deal on a pink one. I’m not a fan of pink but I don’t hate pink AS much as I hate orange hehehe. A review will appear as soon as it has arrived and I’ve had a play. Colour was not the only reason for my choosing the Crop A Dile 2, the other was that because I have small hands and a weak grip, spanning the hand held Crop A Dile is difficult so I tend to balance the tool on the table till the handles are closer together. This isn’t stable, but the Big Bite two is intended to stand on the table so I won’t need to try to span the gap between the handles. It also means I can dedicate this large one to bookbinding and leave the hand tool for lighter weights of card.


I have taken delivery of the remaining dye based inks in the Ranger Adirondack range, looking great. Once I have had a play I’ll let you know all about them.


I realised I didn’t save the TRANSLATION link correctly the other day. If you want to have another try, the link now takes you to the Google translation site, copy and paste my (or any other) URL details into the site and it will translate it for you. Handy!! You can also copy blocks of text there and it will translate that too.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie 🙂


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