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Welcome Back

In today’s post a great little tutorial for making Book ties. I’ve been making these for years and they are really handy. You can use them for book marks, for holding your pages down while you sketch outdoors and make them as functional or fancy as you like. Great for last-minute gifts too.

Billie's Book Ties

Billie's Book Ties

You Will Need

  • Sketch book or whatever style and size of book you want to use your book tie with
  • Cotton cord or flat shoe lace. I found UN Waxed cord or lace gave a better hold. The waxed ones seem to slip to easily.
  • Beads if you wish to add decoration for a more elaborate design
  • PVA glue if using cord instead of shoe laces
  • Scissors


This is definitely one of those tutorials best done on film! Trust me these are super easy to do, and really quick to make as well.

Options/Added Extras

Depending on the cord style you use, how about adding some more decorative beads to use the book ties as book marks and page holders.

Try them using flat shoe laces for your art journals, they are great for keeping your place, or keeping your book closed too.


Shoe laces are widely available on the high street

Cotton cord I bought from Sanctuary Beads on Ebay 

This tutorial was meant to go up last week, but You Tube put the original soundtrack back on after I dumped it. All you could hear were the budgies and DH clucnking around 😦 Have to re upload it and then it takes 36 hours to ‘settle’ to quality in You Tube 😦 Hope I can resolve this or the online class is in jeopordy!

Best wishes and thanks for reading see you soon

Billie 🙂


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