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Welcome back


I have to admit that last weeks posts were written and scheduled ahead of time as DH was doing mantenance on this machine so I had no use of it till the weekend. I have sooo much to catch up on. 

In the meantime a quick update, congratulations go to my good friends that have just had their first baby, a little boy called Luke. I will post pictures of their card and pressies as soon as they have recieved them.


I have discovered that Rangers Alcohol ink looks awesome over miri board and need to process the pictures before I can show you them.


I have gone nuts and bought a Big Bite Crop A Dile 2. Well I really don’t like orange and QVC had a good deal on a pink one. I’m not a fan of pink but I don’t hate pink AS much as I hate orange hehehe. A review will appear as soon as it has arrived and I’ve had a play. Colour was not the only reason for my choosing the Crop A Dile 2, the other was that because I have small hands and a weak grip, spanning the hand held Crop A Dile is difficult so I tend to balance the tool on the table till the handles are closer together. This isn’t stable, but the Big Bite two is intended to stand on the table so I won’t need to try to span the gap between the handles. It also means I can dedicate this large one to bookbinding and leave the hand tool for lighter weights of card.


I have taken delivery of the remaining dye based inks in the Ranger Adirondack range, looking great. Once I have had a play I’ll let you know all about them.


I realised I didn’t save the TRANSLATION link correctly the other day. If you want to have another try, the link now takes you to the Google translation site, copy and paste my (or any other) URL details into the site and it will translate it for you. Handy!! You can also copy blocks of text there and it will translate that too.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie 🙂

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Welcome Back

A few weeks ago I had a comment from Laurence asking about Piercing templates and where to get them. So for Laurence and anyone else needing assistance here is an idea of what they are and how to make your own.

What Is A Piercing Template?

It is no more than a card pattern used to place into a stack of folded sheets ‘known as a signature’, which you pierce through, to make the holes through which you will sew your book together.


What Size Is A Template?

There are many different bindings and the size of your template will vary to match the size of your book. Well the height of the spine of the book 😉 

The placement of the holes on the template will vary to match the type of bind you are doing. For example if you are sewing across tapes on the spine of the book, the gap between the holes would be the width of your tape. So you can see any template is custom made to the project it is being used for.


How Do I Make My Own Template?


Tools needed;

Pencil, ruler with steel edge, scoring tool, bone folder, piercing tool, signatures to the size of your project and 220gsm card (I’m pointing at it to show it is the same size as the signatures), a foam mat, and a self healing cutting mat.

Tools & equipment for making a piercing template for bookbinding


  • You will first need to decide what type of binding you wish to use for your project, and the size you want to make your book. This will dictate the size of the template and the position of the holes.
  • Take a piece of sturdy card 220gsm would be ok or a little thicker if you have it. Cut it to match the height of the spine of your book, and about 2″ or 5cm wide.
  • Score your card along the centre of the long side and fold it in half length ways. Use a scoring tool and ruler to score your line, and a bone folder to reinforce the fold. This will ensure you have a clean accurate fold.
  • Using a ruler mark where you want to pierce the holes. The instructions from the book you are copying your binding from will give you these measurements or a guide for how to calculate them to fit your project. Mark in the centre of the inside or ‘valley’ of your fold.

Measuring and marking holes for piercing template


  • Place your card board template on to a foam mat, you could use the soft side of a mouse mat, but do put a self healing cutting underneath in case you pierce right through.
  • Using a piercing tool, of the same diameter as the needle you will sew with, pierce a hole into your card board directly into the centre of the ‘valley’ fold.

 Piercing the holes in the template

Congratulations, you have now created your piercing template, it is as simple as that. If you use a sturdy cardstock to create your template and are careful as you pierce your signatures, you will be able to re-use your template for more than one book.


How Do I Use My Template?

  • One of the most accurate ways to use a template is with a piercing saddle. This is usually a wooden structure that will have a ‘V’ shaped holder, that you place your pre folded but open signatures into, your template on top and then pierce through the pages. There is a small gap in the saddle that will allow the tool to pass cleanly through the pages and out the other side.
  • If you do not have one of these (like me then) you could try these alternatives.
  • A mouse mat, soft side up on a self healing cutting mat.
  • A sheet of foam, they sell 12 x 12″ sheets of this for rubber stampers to use as a cushion to stamp onto, they are about 1cm thick. Again place this ontop of a self healing cutting mat to protect your work surface.

Using a piercing template 

Here is a picture of how I hold the signatures to ensure that I pierce through the centre fold NOT to the left or right of it. If you use this method you will need to be very careful about where the holes come out, go slowly and you will be fine.

How to hold signatures to use the piercing template



I hope this has been of help, if you would like more information on piercing saddles and how to make one do check out http://www.tjbookarts.com/ as they have a tutorial on this and many other aspects of book binding. Their forum is also very welcoming and friendly especially to newbies. There is a link to it in the side pannel of this blog.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, any questions or comments let me know and I will get back to you.

Billie 🙂



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Welcome Back

Today I would like to do a review on two tools, The Judikins Hi Vis Rulers in both Imperial GT013 and Metric GT014 measurements.

OK so apart from the obvious difference in the measurements these are the same thing. These rulers have been very useful as they not only have traditional measurements along either edge, but also a centring ruler through the middle.  This means that you can easily find and mark the middle of your chosen piece.

The best thing about these rulers over others on the market is that none of the branding is over the gridlines on the ruler, no names but there is another ruler that has just come out and the branding takes up two inches on one end and the hanging hole negates an inch the other. NOT so the Judi kins one, the whole surface is useable.

The ruler features a steel edge on one side, so if you want to cut with this ruler using your craft knife just turn it round so you have the steel edge next to your knife and you will be fine. Don’t forget to work on a self healing cutting mat if you do this though 😉

The gridlines on these rulers are HI Vis orange which means it it easy to see where you are measuring weather you are using light or dark card.

I would definately recommend these rulers, they are substantial, well made and a joy to use.


Here is a link direct to the manufactures for pictures of the rulers I have reviewed today;

Imperial ruler;  http://www.stampstampstamp.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=S&Product_Code=GT013

Metric ruler; GT014 no link to this.

I hope you found this review useful, if you have any questions do leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie xx

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Welcome Back

Today I would like to share a review of the Making Memories Tool Kit

Making Memories tool kit closed

What the Kit contains

  • A hammer
  • An eyelet setter
  • Two needles
  • A piercing tool
  • A hole punch tool
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Tweezers
  • Three sizes of bit for the hole punch

Contents of the Making Memories Tool Kit

This kit is useful for paper crafters but would be handy for bookbining too as the piercing tool is nice and fine and would be a good size to pierce signatures with.  All the tools in this kit are substantial and well made. There is a variation of this kit available now that has some additional tools.

A good buy for papercrafters, bookbinders and scrapbookers. This would make an excellent gift for the crafter in your life 😉


JGD Stock this kit.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie 🙂

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Welcome Back

Today I would like to share a review of the following book;

Cover to Cover; Creative Techniques for Making Beautiful Books, Journals & Albums by Shereen La Plantz.

This is published by Lark Books and the ISBN

13:0-937274-81-x (hardcover) 0-937274-87-3 (paperback)

10:0-937274-81-x (hardcover) 0-937274-87-9 (paperback)



  • Bookbinding Basics
  • Pamphlet Stitch
  • Basic Codex
  • Stitches
  • Stab Bindings
  • Fold Books
  • Combination Books
  • Unusual Bindings
  • Presentation Counts



The book starts with an overview of the tools and equipment needed to get into bookbinding, there is a recipie for Wheat Paste, this is a form of adhesive used when PVA would show through your cover material.

All the projects in this book are described in step by step format and have pictorial diagrams of what is being described. There are also plenty of photographs of finished books that have been created using the form of binding that has just been shown. This is inspirational for the new binder as it shows you what you can expect your finished project to look like, and how others have varied the technique and used different card/ paper to get a variaty of finishes.

The contents list doesn’t do justice to the scale of the viariety of projects described under each heading. There are several projects within each style so there is plenty for the beginner to try as well as more challenging binds for the more experienced.

I believe that this book is currently out of print, but it is well worth searching for this book as it has a wide range of projects to get your teeth into what ever level you are at.

Best wishes and thanks for reading


Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back

Today I would like to share a review of the Bind It All Tool Kit made by a company called Zutter. This kit is made to accompany their Bind It All machine but is a very useful starter kit for all kinds of papercrafter.


Bind It All Tool Kit by Zutter


Features of the Kit


  • A sturdy cover with a zip round closure keeps all the contents secure and clean
  • Elasticated bands hold all the tools securely, but also make them easy to access
  • A pen
  • A 15cm ruler
  • A needle/piercing tool which has a srew off end that allows you to store needles within the tool itself.
  • A bone folder
  • A Craft Knife
  • Spare blades for the craft knife
  • A retractable tape measure


Inside the Bind It All Tool Kit part one 



On the second panel, over the page as it were are the following tools;

  • A pair of scissors, small but very sharp.
  • A pair of round nose pliers
  • A pair of wire cutters


Inside the Bind It All Tool Kit by Zutter



Here are detail pictures of the needle holder.  Unscrew the end and you can store needles inside the piercing tool.

The Piercing tool is also a handy needle holder 


Close up of the piercing tool in the Bind It all tool kit 


So who is this kit for?


This kit contains all the basic tools to get you started and would be very useful to the following groups;


Paper crafters

Scrapbookers and card makers; this is great for taking to clubs and classes.

Jewellry makers


On line demo


The wonderful people over at the Paper Studio have made a video that shows you all the contents of this tool kit and how it would be useful to bookbinders.





Here is a link to the manufacturers website;



Well I think that covers it. If you have any questions or comments do leave me a message in the box below and I will get back to you.


Best wishes and thanks for reading


Billie 🙂

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Welcome Back

For those of you who know me from http://www.stampingmadforum.co.uk/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl you will know I am a big fan of a stamp designer and paper crafter Anna Griffin. This is a bit of an irony as I am such a tom boy kinda girl, that the floral style of Anna Griffin shouldn’t really appeal, but I adore her botanicals range of stamps.

Today’s book was made on 4th June 2008, as you can see given the learning curve I am writting stuff for the blog ahead of publishing dates. This book is another in the longstitch bindings, and features a wrap around cover, which I created using the Scor It board.


Long stitch book with wrap around cover, Anna Griffin stamped cover. 


Here is a closer look at the longstitch itself. I bound this one using a lighter Barbour thread of 25/3 cord, which I coloured using the same Adirondack ink that I had used on the cover, Pink Sherbert. I then waxed the thread to keep the colour sealed in as the dye ink would run without this.


Long stitch book with wrap around cover, Anna Griffin stamped cover. 


Since this book has such a feminine stamped image, I decided to add a Pink organsa ribbon to help hold the book closed and add interest to the cover.


Longstitch book with wrap around cover, Anna Griffin stamped background. 


My book is A7 in size and features ivory pages, which I cut using the handy Dream Kuts machine. It will be going to my Auntie for her birthday in September. For details of where you can find out how to learn longstitch for yourself see __LINK TO PREVIOUS POST__


If you have any questions or comments please use the box below.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie 🙂

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