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Welcome Back

In this second part of the Inspire Me Cards tutorial I will show you how to create a box in which to store your 2 x 3″ cards, created in Part One. If you missed Part One please click on the link and follow that episode first.

You Will Need

  • Off cuts from Part One; 9 x 12″ card stock
  • Score It board (optional)
  • Steel Ruler
  • Craft Knife
  • Pencil
  • Double sided Tape



Cutting Guide

  • From the long (12″) side of your card, trim off a strip 5¼” wide. Set this aside for Part 4
  • From the 9″ side of the remaining card, cut off a strip 2½” wide. Set this asside for Part 3

Scoring Guide

The remaining card stock which measures 6¾” x 6  7/16″ 

Using a Scor It board or steel ruler and embossing tool make the following score lines

Across the 6¾” side score at

1″, 1 ¾”, 5″, 5 ¾”

Rotate the card 90 degrees, Across the 6 7/16″ side of the card stock, make the following score lines at

¾”, 2 7/8″, 3 ⅝”, 5 ¾”

**It is intentional that the last line is narrower than the first. DO not correct the measurement to make it the same as the first one**

Your Card stock should now look like this

This shows the scrore lines and where to cut and fold, to create your box

This shows the scrore lines and where to cut and fold, to create your box


  • Cut along the lines shown  _______ in the picture
  • Fold along the lines shown  ———-  in the picture
  • Remove and discard areas that are shown shaded in the picture

This will leave you with the following shape;

This is the box cut out and ready to be assembled

This is the box cut out and ready to be assembled


Assembling the Box

As you can see from the second picture, some of the cut lines have had some of their sides cut at an angle to create tabs. This makes the box easier to use.

  • Apply Double sided tape to the inside of the wider of the side flaps.
  • Wrap the side around the box and line up the edge of the card, with the first score line on the other side.
  • Tuck in the remaining tabs and your box is complete. 


Here is a video showing how to assemble the box, it is easier to show you, than it is to explain.


Added Extras

This project has created a traditional style of card box, if you would prefer a more secure version of the box, apply double sided tape to all the tabs at ONE end of the box. Stick them down, on the inside of the box and there is now no danger of your cards falling out.

Add decoration to suit your style.


Here is a picture of the completed box, that I’ve decorated with stamped and embossed card.

My decorated Card Box

My decorated Card Box


Coming Up In Part Three

In part three I will give you some ideas to get you started on how to use your new inspirational cards.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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