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I have mentioned previously that I store my brass embossing stencils in Photo Albums. Well this seemed the perfect solution for how to store my growing collection of Nestabilities dies from Spellbinders.


Here’s How

  • Take a 6 x 4″ photo Album, mark the cover with the description of the contents; in this case Nestabilities
  • Take a 6 x 4″ piece of card stock for each of your dies, make a note of the Name and Number of the die you will be storing on that page. This way you can easily keep plain and scallop pairs of dies on opposite pages to each other.

  • Apply a strip of low tac tape across the page.
  • Attach you Nestie to the tape and slip it into the photo album

  • You can clearly see though the plastic to choose your shapes, and the plastic film with prevent the dies scratching each other.
  • Store lots of dies in a small amount of space, but also in a convenient way to enable you to search your collection for a particular die.
  • You could trim down the original cardboard packaging and store that in the album, if you prefer. Stick the label from the front of the packet onto the cardboard though so it shows which die is being stored.

To Use

Simply slide the whole 6×4″  piece of card stock out of the album whilst the dies are in use and replace it back in the album once you have finished. Use a good weight of card stock to withstand the handling.




If you haven’t seen these dies before check out this link which will take you to the Spellbinders website.


This storage idea will work for all kinds other flat dies made by Spellbinders, you can also use it for flat brass stencils too. Just make a note of your dies details on your storage page BEFORE you discard the original packaging, just in case you need the details for reference later.


Best wishes and thanks for reading


Billie 🙂


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