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Welcome back
For once, no chat just mainly pictures that’ll be a first for me. Here you go, these papers were all created using the technique I described the other day. I have made more and ironed the back of them whilst they were still wet with ink and they have retained the patterns of the creases but are almost flat enough to stamp onto.

You don’t need to use multiple colours, if you only have one ink just use that one. I use several colours as it gives more depth to the paper.



Stream Leather look paper


Stream & Denim

Stream & Denim Leather Look Paper


Stream & Eggplant 

Stream & Eggplant Leather Look Paper


Here are some great combinations to try;


  • Stream & Wild Plum
  • Stream & Bottle 
  • Pesto & Lettuce
  • Lettuce & Espresso
  • Butterscotch & Terracotta & Espresso
  • Butterscotch & Espresso. 
  • Butterscotch & Terracotta
  • Terracotta & Raisin.  
  • Cranberry & Raisin
  • Lettuce & Raisin.
  • Cranberry.



  • Leave the paper to dry naturally gives the most texture.
  • Iron the back of the paper whilst still wet with ink leves texture marks but the surface will be flatter for stamping onto.
  • Iron the paper again once dry to flatten some more.


Have fun and thanks for reading.

Billie 🙂


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