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In today’s post I will be reviewing the following

Home Made Vintage

Title: Cabbages & Roses Home-Made Vintage

Author: Christina Strutt

ISBN: 1 904991 43 2 (Hardback)

Publisher:Cici Books

Price: £16.99

Having been looking at this book on Amazon, I was delighted to find this book at the local library. It has had mixed reviews based upon weather the reader does or doesn’t like the fabric styles used.


  • Living Room
  • Bedroom and bathroom
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Gifts
  • Instructions
  • Templates
  • Stockists


This book is a visual delight, very much a Sunday supplement style of pictures. Delightful rooms, rustic furniture made feminine with soft furnishing. I don’t think it would be unfair to say if you like Laura Ashley and Anna Griffin style of crafting and soft furnishings then you will like this book. It is full of the kind of projects that would make great gifts and housewarming presents for people.

I like the layout of the book, it starts by showing finished items in their surroundings as you would use them in the home, later on there are the instructions on how to create each piece and at the back of the book the more detailed templates. This books works as a coffee table book to just look through to cheer you up on a winter’s day as it does for project ideas.


I haven’t really got any. It’s the kind of style that you either love or hate. If you like the cover picture you will like the projects 😉

Value for Money

Pretty good. Plenty of inspiring pictures and project ideas. I’d maybe look out for a paperback version to see if its cheaper,but try Amazon for better prices.

Would I buy it?

Maybe, not sure. I do like some of the projects and its great for inspiration, but not sure how many of the projects I’d actually make. I’m on the fence really.

Summing Up

If you like the cover pictures you will like it, it’s a great book and the inspiration value is high. If you aren’t sure, see if you can get it from a library too, you could easily transform the projects by using different kinds of fabrics. It’s well worth a look.


Home Made Vintage Paperback version on Amazon under £8

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

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