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What do I need to start filming?

There are a few things that you will definitely need, to start making films for your blog. The first is a camcorder or camera, the second is a tripod. You may need extra lighting, but that will be discussed in a later article.


The camcorder I use is a Sony Handycam DCR-SR36. This is a nice sturdy one for the size, without being too bulky or technical for the newbie to use (that’s me too!) I’ve been using it since December 2008 and have been very pleased with the results. I haven’t used other camcorders so I can’t give my usual unbiased opinion 😉

Given that you are considering adding films to your blog, I admit that I thought you would already have a camera at hand or you wouldn’t be considering this medium. Just in case this series inspires and you to want to start filming but want more information on equipment, I have included links to a couple of sites at the end of the post.  These links will be able to give you more detailed advice on specific equipment and how to choose between different models.


One piece of equipment that is an essential for getting better results from which ever camera you choose, is a tripod. This will leave you hands free to demonstrate ideas and techniques and reduce any camera-shake that can happen when you try to film without one. This is one of those pieces of equipment that you are better to spend a little more on, to have a better quality tripod. I’m not saying you have to look at three figure prices but a cheap wobbly tripod isn’t worth having.

Things to consider when choosing a Tripod

  • Size; Try out a table top tripod as well as a standard one. They give different results but which you choose will depend on the type of film you are making. So personal preference rules.
  • Weight; If you think you might need to travel with your camera and kit, weight will be an issue. If you are working at home, then go for a heavier version. A heavier tripod will be more stable than a very light weight one. 
  • Price; You get what you pay for! Before you skimp on a tripod remember how much your camera cost. The safety of your camera depends on the stability of your tripod. Very cheap tripods are often less sturdy than the more expensive ones. You don’t want to put a heavy camera on a light, flimsy tripod, or it might fall over! Literally!
  • Stability; If possible, when you are in a store comparing models of tripod, fully extend all of its legs. See how substantial, or not the maximum extension is.


So What Do You Use

My Tripod is; Velbon Delta, it is a good weight without being too heavy.



To make up for my lack of knowledge on this area, here are some links to those who will give you far more useful and in depth information than I could begin to.

Video Maker.Com This is a wonderful resource as it not only gives you tips it also compares equipment and software

Video Maker on You Tube; All kinds of really useful information about making your own films

Selecting a Camera, Tripod and Microphone for web video. Also by Video Maker


If you would like to see the videos I’ve made so far, here is my home on You Tube.


Coming up in Part 3:

Place to Film; How to decide what location is best for you to film in.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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