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Last month I shared a few pictures of the Card Storage Journal, that I made using a Bind It All. Today I would like to share a tutorial of how it was made. It would make a perfect gift for friends and family.   

Card Storage Journal; Cover

Card Storage Journal; Cover

You Will Need

  • Mat Board/Chip Board etc
  • Bind It All and 1″ O wires OR Crop A Dile and Binder Rings
  • Ribbon
  • Decorative Papers
  • White cardstock; I used 160 gsm card from Rymans
  • Cream/Ivory coloured cardstock 160 gsm
  • Glue Stick
  • 12 Envelopes
  • Tim Holtz School Days stamp set
  • Dye inks; I used Distress ink but you could use Adirondack Dye ink
  • Versafine Ink in Sepia
  • Alphabet set; I used; Making Memories; Rummage
  • Calendar Stamps; I used Making Memories Calendar Set
  • Distressing Tool

Card Storage Journal; Materials   


  • Cut matt board cover boards to the same HEIGHT as your envelopes, and 1/8th inch wider than the envelopes.
  • Cover the boards with the decorative paper and allow to dry. For a ribbon closure, add this before you apply the end paper (inside cover paper).
Card Storage Journal; Cover Boards

Card Storage Journal; Cover Boards

  • On the white card, stamp the lined paper design from Tim Holtz Schools Days stamp set, using the (grey) Distress ink. Repeat this until you have 12 of the little pages.
  • Use an Edge Distresser to distress or fray the edges of your pages. Use your favorite colours of ink to distress the pages further and then heat set to dry inks.
Card Storage Journal; Distress inks used on inside pages

Card Storage Journal; Distress inks used on inside pages

Card Storage Journal; month pages

Card Storage Journal; month pages

  • Use the Alphabet stamps to stamp a month onto the top of each page of the lined paper; January, February etc. Set aside to dry.

For the decorative panel 

  • Cut a strip of cream card to slightly smaller than you envelopes. Colour using Dye inks and stamp background using the Anna Griffin background stamp. Edge with dye ink for depth.
Card Storage Journal; Decorative Panel

Card Storage Journal; Decorative Panel

  • Create a set of tabs from cream coloured cardstock, fold them in half and stamp a month on each one.
Card Storage Journal; Month Tabs

Card Storage Journal; Month Tabs

  • Attach a tab to each envelope and then add the decorative panel on top to hide the join.
Card Storage Journal; Month Tabs

Card Storage Journal; Month Tabs and decorative pannel

  • Make a Binding Template [see instructions below] and punch holes into each of your envelopes and cover boards.
  • Glue a month page to each envelope, allow glue to dry before continuing.
  • Cut a length of O wire to fit your punched holes
  • Layer your book up as you would like it to appear once bound. Take the FRONT cover page and (pretend it’s already bound for a moment) and fold the front cover around to the back of the book. Insert your O wires into your punched holes and use the Bind It All to close the wire.
Card Storage Journal;

Card Storage Journal; Binding the book

This is a great way to keep cards together and not forget birthdays and special occasions. Write names and dates on the front of each envelope on the lined paper you made, to keep track of upcoming events. When you buy or make cards, just pop them into the appropriate envelope, ready to go.   

Making a Binding Template 

Measurements will vary depending upon your size of envelope, so I have kept the instructions generic so they can be used by everyone.   

  • Cut a piece of cardstock to the same size as your envelopes.
  • Place your cardstock on top of your envelope.Measure down from the top of the envelope to where the edge of the closed envelope flap comes too. Mark this distance on your card stock.
Binding Template for Card Storage Joural

Binding Template for Card Storage Journal


  • Draw another line at the bottom of your cardstock the same distance from the bottom, as the top line was from the top. You now punch your holes between these two marks.
  • Punch first set of holes to just below the first line on the cardstock.
  • Move the setting guide to ‘B’ continuous and punch till you reach the next line.You now have a guide to place on the top of each envelope and cover board as you punch it, this ensures everything will line up nicely at the end of the project.


Binding Template for Card Storage Joural

Binding Template for Card Storage Joural

If you don’t have a Bind It All machine

Make a punching guide using a Crop A Dile, again so that all your envelopes and covers will align at the end of the project. Connect your journal using Binder Rings; 

Optional Extra’s

  • Add an extra envelope to the back of the book to keep a list of addresses in.
  • Add a pocket to the inside cover to hold stamps 
Card Storage Journal; Inside Cover

Card Storage Journal; Inside Cover


So there you have it, it takes a while to make but I think the results are worth it. If you are making more than one, you can easily have a bit of a production line going. Do the inking and stamping parts while waiting for covers to dry etc. It would be lovely to see your results if you have a go at this project. Feel free to change the stamps and images to suit your own favourite styles.  This would make a great present for all ages and genders, hope you have a go and will share your results.  

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon   

Billie :)  

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