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Welcome Back

In today’s post another free download, designed to take the stress out of the holiday season. All too often our jobs take us far away from dear friends and family and leave little time to get in touch for a good chat. Holiday time gives us the opportunity to get in touch and swap cards and gifts to let those close to us know we still care about them.

The problem is the distance between friends and family mean it is very difficult to choose the perfect gift. You want to choose something they will really love but it seems rude to ask…. Sound familiar? It’s hardly surprising that holiday shopping is so stressful. Well hopefully these downloadable ‘Catch Up Cards’ will help you out.

Download your Catch Up Cards Today

Catch Up Cards

What Are Catch Up Cards

Catch Up Cards look like postcards, there’s an area for your news, but here’s the new part, the other half is for you to add details of your favourite things. The reverse of the card is blank, this allows you to get creative and add your own design, or print a background from a CD. Even better add a photo to the back of the card to truly personalise it. Pop this card in with your usual card you will send to friends and relatives and they will have a much more personal update on your news, and also a bank of ideas to help them choose a gift you will love too.

Remember you are adding favourites like;

  • Authors
  • Bands/music
  • Colours
  • Cosmetics/Perfumes
  • Shoe size (some people like getting slippers as gifts).

This makes it less like a wish list, more general  ideas.

Spread the Joy

Print an extra card and back it with the ‘Catch Up Card’ descrition and encourage your friends and family to add their details, so you will know what their news is and learn their favorites. Over the years knowing what gifts to choose for people, especially those you haven’t seen for a long time has become more and more of a challenge. If this sounds like you, have a look at the ‘Catch Up Cards’, see if they could work for your family and friends.

It is important to add that I am not a mercenary, I do recognize holidays for their original meaning. Personally I celebrate Christmas and this year will be sharing hand-made gifts, to bring the celebration a more personal touch. Believe me, the presents I’m making took a lot of time and love to create!

It is also important to recognize, that there are many celebrations, from many cultures that involve gift giving and I’m sure these difficulties in knowing what to give people, are a universal issue. The internet is a global space and people from all over the world are reading this. For these reasons, the downloads have been left without reference to an individual celebration. 

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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