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The book I am reviewing today is;

Compendium of Celtic Crafts by Judy Balchin, Courtney Davis, Vivien Lunniss and Suzen Millodot

Compendium of Celtic Crafts

Published by Search Press; www.searchpress.com

ISBN 13 978-1-84448-355-6

Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Compendium-Celtic-Crafts-Courtney-Davis/dp/184448355X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1226072783&sr=8-2


Anyone who has a keen interest in Celtic artwork will recognise the names of the authors above. This book appears to be a blending together of several sections from other books brought together in one publication. If you have other books on the subject by these authors you would be advised to see this book before you purchase. I have at least one of the individual books by Judi Balchin on Celtic glass painting but still bought this book as it was nice to have the information all in one place and the jewellery section alone was worth the price.

The topics covered in this book are;

  • Celtic Illumination
  • Celtic Calligraphy
  • Celtic Knotwork Jewellry
  • Glass Painting
  • Paper Crafts

Each of these sections is broken into four with excellent information for how to create your own knotwork, Zoomorphic designs and jewellery following the knotwork patterns. There are templates for the glass painting and plenty of useful examples of all the subjects shown and the book is in full colour.


If you have never bought a Celtic themed art book this is a great introduction to the varied styles that were used at the time. Definitely worth buying.



Courtney Davis; http://www.celtic-art.com/

Judy Balchin; http://www.judybalchin.co.uk/indexframeset.htm


Best wishes and thanks for reading


Billie 🙂

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