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In today’s post I will be reviewing; Jackson’s ceramic 10 well slanting palette.

Cermaic mixing Pallet

ceramic mixing Palette

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Unknown. Bought from Jackson’s Art Supplies
  • Item number: 40705
  • RRP at time of writing: £5.50

Reason For Buying

Having invested in nice sable brushes for my watercolours, I wanted a decent quality pallet to go with them. I keep knocking the plastic one I have over and they also felt like they were dragging on the hair of the sable brushes.



  • Good size, not too small or too big; 3.5″ x 7″
  • Five larger size wells for colour mixing larger washes
  • Five smaller wells for mixing smaller amounts of colour
  • Ceramic palette doesn’t move around as you add or take colour from it, the weight holds it still on the table
  • Easy to clean
  • Kind to the brushes


Nothing more than niggles and things to be aware of.

  • Make sure you put it on a mat if you are using it on a nice table, being ceramic the base is un-glazed in places. This makes it non slip but it could scratch your table without a mat 😉
  • The weight (557 grams) is an advantage in the studio, but makes it too heavy to take on field trips
  • Careful you don’t drop it when you are washing it down, it won’t bounce like plastic 😉 hehe

Build Quality

Superb, with a beautiful finish. The unglazed base means the palette doesn’t move around on your table. The weight (557 grams) keeps it in place too.

Value for Money


Would I buy it Again?

Totally, I’d like an extra one to see if it would work out for acrylics too.

Summing up

I highly recommend this pallet for watercolour use. Its been a joy to use and super easy to clean. No more chasing little plastic pallets around the table, its weight makes it stable so even I can’t knock it over! 🙂 There is another palette Jackson’s have, which has a cover, I’m going to try that too.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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