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How about a totally different challenge? Would anyone like to join me for an Advent Calendar Sew along? Last year I bought an advent calendar fabric panel, printed on it is a Christmas design and pieces to sew onto it to form the pockets for an advent calendar. The one I chose was 899 Fireplace Advent calendar; The Henley Studio Makower UK.

Makower Advent calendar Panel.

Makower Advent calendar Panel.

The principle with these calendar’s is that you cut out the smaller squares  and then sew them onto a main image panel. You back the piece with batting and another decorative fabric on the back. Got to admit I have wanted to do this for ages but have been tying myself in knots about just how to go about it. There are instructions on the panel but I fell into my usual trap of over thinking it, I put it away in the cupboard until now.

Any hoo, I figured if I turned it into a challenge then maybe some of you lovely readers might like to sew along with me to create an advent calender either for your own home or as a gift for someone you love. After looking up the brand name on my panel I discovered that Wendy Gardiner has made a tutorial for how to put one of these panels together.

If you would like to make an advent calendar too you could either use a panel of some sort like this, there are other brands too, or there are also lots of tutorials on You Tube and online if you want to quilt your own designs. Perhaps you’d like to make a garland or any other kind of fabric advent calendar. It would be nice to see some projects made from panels but any kind of fabric advent calendar you choose to make would be welcome to join in too.

So how about it? Would anyone like to sew along with me? I’ll put some links in below so you can see the kinds of panels available, they are quite easily available on Ebay as well as online sewing shops. You can even get an advent calendar design card to use with a Slice fabrique machine if you want to choose your own fabrics and colour scheme.


Check out your favorite sewing store to see if they have any designs you like, or pick your favorite fabrics to create your own Advent calendar.

If you want to design your own style of calendar don’t forget you can use other design cards for the slice for cutting the numbers. The sturdier dies like Sizzix and heavier die cutting machines like Big shot have been shown on C&C cutting felt and cottons. Christmas designs like trees, numbers and holly etc are bound to feature on your favorite craft sites any time soon.

This is a great challenge for anyone else like me who bought one of these and hasn’t yet made it up, or for those looking for something a little different and hand-made for the Christmas season. The panels are ideal for total newbies to sewing as it’s just straight line sewing but there are also Character advent calendar’s like Tilda dolls who wear clothing with many pockets that can be left on a child’s bed for the more advanced or adventurous fabric artist.

To join in with this challenge just leave a comment in the post below. I am also running this challenge on The Sewing Forum, which is a great place to learn, share ideas and make new friends who sew. I know its early for Christmas projects BUT its to give people chance to get their calendars in to give us all a fighting chance of getting them done in time for December 1st.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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