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Welcome Back

In today’s post I would like to introduce our Featured Artist for the month of August 2009

Tricia Morris

Tricia Morris

Tricia Morris

I discovered her work thanks to an online search for crafting tutorials and found her originally over on Craft TV Weekly. It is thanks to Tricia and Tim Holtz that I started boookbinding. Tricia’s tutorials are now available on a new site that will be listed at the end of the article. For those of you who haven’t yet found Tricia Morris, here in her own words, is a little more about her and her work.


Who you are:

TM: Tricia Morris


Where you are (which country you are based in)?

TM: Greenville, Wisconsin, USA


What you do:

TM: Co-Owner of Club Scrap, Inc. with my best pal, Dinah Mueller, since 1999. I help oversee the design team as we design and create our original monthly scrapbooking kits. I also film technique videos in our in-house studio several times a month and contribute to our monthly Scrap Rap newsletters.


What got you started in your creative journey?

TM: In the mid-90’s, I was introduced to the technique of heat embossing and was amazed. After purchasing just a few basic supplies, I was hooked on stamping. After learning that I was expecting my first child in 1997, I also picked up scrapbooking so that I could keep a nice book of my child’s life. I was immediately convinced that scrapbooking and stamping is a match made in heaven.


What inspires you:

TM: I am inspired by time alone in my craft studio and a clean work space. (However, that does not imply that I actually have a clean work space.) I’m also inspired by things around me…magazine ads, color combinations in home décor and fashion, other creative hobbies, and books on crafting or bookmaking.


If money,time and obligations were no object, what you would most like to do?

TM: I’d like to do exactly what I’m doing right now, but maybe with a few more hours in a day. I think that makes me a pretty lucky gal.


What do you enjoy most about your creative work/life?

TM: I love brainstorming with my creative team. I am so thrilled when someone says, “What if…?” We start to fill in the blanks and bounce ideas off each other. When the ball gets rolling, we start to ride the wave and come up with some inventive concepts. It’s so much fun and very rewarding.


To find out more about Tricia and her work, please visit her websites, details below.

My blog is all about sharing links to creative people and their work. Are there are any of your websites/shops that you would like to include details of and links to in your article?


Many thanks to Tricia Morris for being our Featured Artist of the Month for August 2009.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back

I think today’s post will make a lot of people very happy, when I found this link, it made me very happy indeed!  In the past there was a channel known as Craft TV Weekly, they had some excellent projects and video tutorials on all kinds of paper crafting in their Scrapbook Lounge area. Sadly the site stopped adding new videos last year(2008).

Club Scrap Community

The good news is thanks to a friend over on the Stamping Mad Forum, I discovered that some of the shows were sponsored by Club Scrap and that there was a way of still seeing some of the shows. My favorite tutor on there was Tricia Morris and her videos are on this new site Club Scrap Community. There are video demonstrations in the Cinema section, and if you join the site you can also access the Design Guides.

The new site includes all kinds of wonderful new things to see;

Forum, Chat room, Cinema, Library of tutorials and if you join you even get your own blog on the site.

If you liked Craft TV Weekly you will LOVE this new site, rush over to Club Scrap Community to see what it’s all about.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂 🙂 🙂


I contacted TV Weekly through their You Tube site and they said the TV Weekly site is no more but that all the original videos are available to watch free, on Google Videos.

Go to www.google.com then type Craft TV Weekly into the search box

Not sure if a link to a search will work repeatedly but just in case

Results of search for Craft TV Weekly on Google.

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