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Happy New Year

Welcome Back


I would like to wish everyone who is visiting this blog;



Thank you for your company last year and if you have enjoyed our time together, I’m hope you will be looking forward to what the new year will be bringing you on this blog.

I don’t do New Years Resolutions, they always seem so negative, instead I make Crafting Goals a much more positive and healthy idea all together. I’ll share my goals if you will share your’s in the comments section 😉 keep em clean though!

My Crafting Goals for 2009 are as follows;

  • Create video tutorials and upload them to You Tube.
  • To learn and practise new bookbinding techniques, particularly Japanese bindings.
  • Invest in some dies and embossing folders then really explore what I can do with a Cuttlebug.
  • Polymer Clay; to have a play and see what I can do with this.
  • Alcohol Ink; collect a few more colours and then really explore what can be done with these inks.
  • Challenges; Pace myself, I got a bit overwhelmed before.


You see the sort of thing, goals are about writing down the kind of stuff you really want to do. Not everything is going to be possible by the end of the year that is fine, but if you have a list of the stuff you REALLY want to have a go at then you are more likely to get to them. I found without these written on the wall it was too easy to impulse buy the latest pretty craft item that comes on TV or in a magazine and then have no funds for projects I’d previously set my heart on.

Some goals will be long term, the big plans or expensive projects that need saving for, that’s fine don’t do guilt just make a plan as to how to get there. Put a little money aside each month to save toward the bigger projects.

So come on what are your crafting goals for 2009, where will your crafting take you this year?

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie 🙂


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