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Regular viewers will know that I am a BIG fan of the Cuttlebug. It took me ages to buy one but now I have one, I wouldn’t be without it. A Cuttlebug is a die cutting and embossing machine. Now for a marriage made in heaven, add Nestabilities dies from Spellbinders. 

One of the best things about the Nestabilites dies, is that as their name suggests they nest! Once you have a bit of a collection of Nestabilities or Nesties as they are  fondly known, it is fun to mix and match the combinations of shapes. Using the dies you can cut and emboss card or paper mats for paper craft projects, but add a magnetic mat to the mix and you can cut frames and apertures using the dies. 

I bought my magnetic mat from an office stationary supply store (Staples) but you can get them from all over the place these days. Try to get a magnet with a white backing as it is less likely to mark your projects. Here is a tutorial that show how to make both frames and apertures. 

My ‘sandwich’ recipe for using a magnetic mat for cutting Frames 

  1. A Plate
  2. Embossing Mat
  3. B Plate
  4. Magnetic sheet
  5. Two Nestabilities Dies (Facing up so they doesn’t cut the magnet!)
  6. Cardstock to be cut
  7. B Plate.

I found that using that combination of plates gave a good cut without embossing the edges of the card and without excessive wear on the magnetic sheet. Bear in mind that different magnetic sheets will vary  in thickness, as will the embossing mats that you use. So experiment to see what combination works for you 😉 

To cut Frames with your Nestabilities 

  • Select the two die shapes that will become your frame and place them on the magnetic sheet
  • Arrange the dies on the sheet to the desired frame shape. Eg; a scallop circle on the outside with a smooth circle within it.
  • Carefully place the magnetic mat and dies onto the Cuttlebug and put your cardstock on top
Cutting frames using Cuttlebug & Nestabilites Dies Pt1

Cutting frames using Cuttlebug & Nestabilites Dies


  • Add the B plate on top.
  • Wind the handle on the Cuttlebug to cut the frame.


Cutting frames using Cuttlebug & Nestabilites Dies Pt 2

Cutting frames using Cuttlebug & Nestabilites Dies


Here is the resulting frame, after cutting a scallop outer circle, with a smooth circle inside. 

 Hope this helps you out if you are new to the Cuttlebug or are looking for new ways to get more from your supplies. 

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon 

Billie 🙂


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