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Welcome Back

Today I would like to share a tutorial for making great table decorations. You may remember some while ago I posted a tutorial on how to make a Bon Bon box, well this is the same idea on a smaller scale.

The finished piece will look something like this;


You Will Need

  • Square Card stock; any size but 6×6″ is best for a table settings
  • Scoring board ( I use a Scor It )or steel ruler and embossing tool
  • Crop-A-Dile or other hole punch
  • Cutting mat; to protect your worksurface
  • Co-ordinating ribbon
  • Scissors



  • Score your card into thirds
  • Rotate card 90 degrees
  • Score card into thirds again
  • You now have 9 squares scored on your card
  • On each of the four corner squares, score a line diagonally, from the corner of the square in toward the centre.


  • Fold along the diagonal lines 
Folding in the corners

Folding in the corners

  • Punch a hole in each of the four corner squares


Showing the holes in the corner squares

Showing the holes in the corner squares

  • Take a piece of co-ordinating ribbon and thread it through the punched holes.
  • Draw the ends of the ribbon together and tie a bow. Your finished box will look like this;




Use cardstock that will suit your chosen theme, if you have craft CDs that print background papers try using those. The finished sample was created from papers printed from the Season’s Greetings CD in the Artylicious range produced by Glenda over on Graphicus. (see links below) One side printed green the other red using the Smudgy Holly design and the square background image, this prints a square just smaller than 6″. For this size I scored at 2″ and 4″. I edged the paper with gold metalic marker which finishes the edges nicely. You could use red or green pen as an alternative. It is best to ink the edge with something as without it you will be left with a white cut edge.

If you start with cardstock 6×6″ and add tags with your guests names and these make perfect place cards to which you can add the confectionary of your choice. Use a die cutting machine to create perfect tag shapes every time. I used a Cuttlebug and Nestabilities dies made by Wizard to create my tag. Embellish with additional artwork to your hearts content.

I have not included specific measurements with this tutorial as you can make this project any size you wish, as long as your starting cardstock is square. These are really quick and simple to make, and you can co-ordinate them to the rest of your table. With a little supervision even the kids could help make these 😉 keeps them busy during the holiday 😉



Graphicus; http://www.graphicus.co.uk/

Season’s Greetings CD; http://www.graphicus.co.uk/

Wizard; http://www.spellbinderspaperarts.com/

Cuttlebug; http://www.provocraft.com/products/index.php

Scor It; http://www.scorit.com/index.html


Have fun and I hope you have enjoyed this series of tutorials on boxes. Thanks for reading and see you soon.



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Welcome Back


Well I’ve had my Cuttlebug since June and having had a good play I think it is time for a review.



  • The Cuttlebug can cut die cuts.
  • It can Emboss using its own brand of embossing folder.
  • It can cut other brands of dies as well as it’s own.
  • It can emboss other brands of embossing stencils including brass stencils.
  • It has a suction system to attach the machine to a smooth surface, this keeps the machine in place during use.
  • Side platforms fold up, so it is a small size for easy storage.
  • Portable, includes a carry handle making it simple to move around your craft room.
  • Competitively priced given how much it can do.
  • Simple to use
  • Manufacturer’s website has advice for how to use other brands of dies in the machine
  • Smooth to use, no MAN muscles required. REALLY, you won’t need to be big n strong to use this machine. I have limited dexterity and I found it easy to use.



  • Lime green in colour.

That’s it that is my only down that I can find on this product, I just don’t like bright lime green. Hardly a reason not to buy an otherwise excellent machine.


  • Value for money; Excellent does a lot for a good price
  • Build Quality; Excellent although the outer casing is plastic the main body of the machine is metal
  • Would I buy it again; YES


One of the best places for on-line demonstrations using the Cuttlebug is to be found on You Tube. Simply type ‘Cuttlebug’ into the search box and you will find all kinds of information.



There are other systems out there it is really a matter of personal choice. I chose this for the ability to use any manufacturers dies. I did not want to be tied to a system where you could only use one type of die. The suction system that holds the machine to the table is a HUGE plus. Others have told me that other systems that do not have this can wander around the table as you try to use them!

My best advice is to look at all the systems available, but also to look at the dies/embossing folders available with those brands too. If you get a system that does not support multiple brands you will be stuck with just what that manufacturer makes. I love the Wizard dies as they cut and emboss, they have a wonderful range called Nestabilites which are available in many shapes and sizes. Their range of dies are much broader in designs than others on the market which I found were a bit cartoonie and more aimed at children’s themes. Before I tried the Cuttlebug I was going to buy a WIzard, for me the suction plate available with the Cuttlebug was what swung it for me.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.


Billie xx

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Welcome Back


I’m off for a play in the studio, I’ve got a bit behind and need to make several books, ATCs and Moos!!! Ahhhhh! I’ve been so busy prepairing stuff for the blog that my actual crafting time seems to have vanished! There will be some great tutorials on paper colouring techniques for next week so come back soon.

My wonderful husband has given me a Cuttlebug for my birthday, so no scrappiece of card stock will be safe out in the studio. I’ve had a little play and I love the Cuttlebug, regular readers will know I have dexterity issues so embossing is normally a BIG problem for me, so the Cuttle bug will make that SOOO much easier, I’ve found some great video demos of the machine on You Tube, just type ‘Cuttlebug’ into the search box on there and see what comes up. I will do a review on the machine when I have had more of a play and time allows.

Best wishes, thanks for reading

Bilie 🙂  🙂 🙂

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