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Welcome Back

A little off topic today but 50 years ago today at 5.15 Doctor Who was shown for the very first time. This evening there is an anniversary special to celebrate the fact called ‘The Day of the Doctor’. The Doctor travels time & space in a TARDIS, I saw one last year and it was fantastic.

Close up of a TARDIS

Close up of a TARDIS

‘My Doctor was Tom Baker and he did indeed have me cowering, not so much behind the sofa but certainly behind a cushion for my younger years. I was gutted when he left and sulked for most of Peter Davisons years. I returned in time to see Colin Baker and Silvester Mc Coy.

Highly enjoyed the regeneration of the series in the last few years and adored Rose Tyler and David Tennant combination. Matt Smith has done a sterling job as the Doctor but once again its time to brace ourselves for another regeneration of the lead actor in the Christmas special.

If you have never heard of Doctor Who and wonder what its all about nip over to the BBC website dedicated to the series, if you are a long term fan, have a go at the quizes on the fun & games page.

Close up of a TARDIS

Close up of a TARDIS

Happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who


Tune into BBC one tonight at 7.50 to see The Day of the Doctor.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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