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Today I bought a Dream Kuts machine by a company called Zutter, and having had a brief play here is my review.










Ease of Use 10/10

The packaging says ‘So Easy, so fast. Slice through cardstock a dream. Cuts perfect pages in seconds. I would agree with all of that. Does what it say’s on the box!

Value for Money 9/10  

If you want to cut lots of card stock easily this is the one for you.  If you have trouble cutting cardstock either cutting it straight or for dexterity issues, this makes it easy.

Build Quality 8/10 

Excellent blades give a clean accurate cut on cardstock, the mark would be higher but on paper of 80 gsm it is a little more difficult to get such an accurate cut.

Eye Candy 10/10

A silly thing to review on but to some this is of importance so here it is. Looks pretty in a nice blue, doesn’t take up too much of your table either.

Not wanting to repeat information that is already available for the machine on the manufactures web site http://www.binditall.com/  I have tested for the following;

Accuracy and quality of cut

This performs well on 160 gsm cardstock, and standard scrapbook card. I used Die Cuts With A View mat stack and it worked fine. The machine leaves a very clean cut.  The cut was a little more difficult to control on very light weight paper of 80gsm. To get around this on such lightweight paper I did put two sheets through together and this did improve how the machine performed. Only do this for light weight paper, the machine states only to put single sheets through for cardstock.


This machine is very well designed; the handle is grooved making it easier to grip. The action is very smooth and this would be suitable for users with dexterity issues. I have weak hands and reduced grip and it caused me no problems. You require no more pressure to send cardstock through than you do for paper. No MAN muscles required 😉











All the paper feed trays fold back and store flush to the unit so it is easier to store. If you want to know dimensions with all the panels folded this unit measures; 17.5” long, 6.5” wide and 6” tall.



The packaging says under 6lbs. Good combination of light enough that you can move it around your craft room easily but robust enough to do the job. Rubber feet keep it still on your worktop.


This machine is being sold primarily as a sister product to a tool called a ‘Bind-It-All’ made by the same company. That tool punches holes through pages and boards, you then thread a wire binding on and use the machine to close and there you have a book. The Dream Kuts was designed to enable you to quickly and easily create pages for yourself out of coloured 12 x 12”card stocks. To promote the Dream Kuts only for this purpose seems to sell it short in my humble opinion. There are some size limitations to what the machine will cut, which I will go into later on but this machine would be very useful to anyone wanting to easily and accurately cut card for all sorts of craft projects not just for making books. Card makers can cut A4 down smaller size for their cards and mats. Scrapbooker’s could use this also for cutting coloured panels for their projects. As previously mentioned anyone with dexterity issues will find this very helpful for cutting their card to size as it requires no strong man muscles to use.


Just for reference ONLY the single blade has an adjustable paper guide. The other blades that cut the paper into three pieces ONLY fit 12 x 12”. For trimming A4 card stock you can ONLY use the single blade that will cut your card/paper in half. Bear in mind if you want some combinations of sizes, to cut the half sizes first leaving your card stock at 12” long to be able to cut the card into thirds.




You Tube Video Demo




If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I shall do my best to answer them.

Best wishes and thanks for reading


Billie 🙂

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