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My New Desk

Welcome Back

Today I would like to share a picture of my wonderful new desk my husband gave me for Christmas. Although I am lucky enough to have a studio space outside, it is unheated and not insulated so is far too cold for most of the year. Until now I have blogged and created on either a dressing table in the bedroom or on a wobbly dining room table.

Here is the awesome desk hubby put together for me

My New desk 2011. Tidy

My New desk 2011. Tidy

Its perfect, there is storage underneath. I’ve put my sewing box and a few books under there. The computer will store away in there too. I brought the office chair in, from the studio and it makes soo much difference to have a desk the right height, much less painful for my injuries and aliments (DOH).

It is so nice to have a dedicated space to write and create, especially indoors in the warm 😉 there’s a radiator near me too 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think I’ll get a lot more done now I’ve got a proper comfortable place to create. It will make an excellent sewing table too. Just on the lookout for an affordable desk top ironing board. Since my projects are all on the small side it will be easier to man woman handle a little desk top ironing board, than a full size one 😉

My New desk 2011. In use!

My New desk 2011. In use!

Blogging my sox off, so I can make some time to spend creating rather than writing 😉 Hope you are enjoying the improvements to the blog. It’s all an evolutionary process, slow and painful but  hopefully worth it in the end 😉

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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