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Today a brief introduction to hybrid crafting. The term ‘Hybrid Crafting’ is used when cards or other paper projects are made where some of the design has been created on the computer. There are many different ways of doing this, you can use a Photo Editing Package such as Photshop Elements and create the entire piece on the computer and print out the result, or what I have done is used a computer to print out the elements for the card and then assemble them as you would if you had bought the paper in a store. Or print out from a pre made CD Rom on a chosen theme. The second option will give you less control over what is printed but is useful if you are less confident on a computer and just want to print and play.


The CD I used in this case is called My Craft Studio; Everything Oriental, this was purchased from Create and Craft. It will be simple to use if you have not done much in the way of picture editing on a computer before. You simply select the images you wish to use, re-size, change the colour, layer to your hearts content and then print. You could design the whole card and just print it as a finished flat piece or as I have done print the elements I like (background paper, main image, image mat) seperatly on a single A4 sheet and then cut and assemble them afterwards. Te advantage of this is that it adds dimension to your card/project.

 It is a quick and simple way to create cards if you are in a hurry.  You can reprint favorite sheets as often as you like, no more rush trips to the craft store only to find that your favourite paper is out of stock.

I did find the CD a little limiting but that is ONLY because I am used to working with Photoshop Elements, which took MONTHS to learn how to use and I am still learning. Photoshop is far more versatile but the learning curve if you are not computer savy is HUGE. I can live with the limitations for a quick n simple version.


This card was for my mother in laws ‘BIG’ birthday, not saying how old she was, that would be rude! I am pleased with how it turned out as it was my first card that I have made entirely from elements from the computer. I have made layouts using the computer for digital scrap booking and in honesty it is the only way I would scrapbook. The computer has an UNDO button that just isn’t available in real life scrap booking. I use Photoshop for digi-scrapping and although it takes a while to get used to, it is worth it for the versatility.


The best place to learn to digiscrap that I found is http://www.hp.com/ 

The free on line classes link is, http://h30240.www3.hp.com/?jumpid=re_R602_mktg/hpcom/split/oc 

This takes you to the current list of classes running, and every so often they run a digital crafting class. It is possible to download trials of several leading brands of photo editing packages which will last long enough to get you through the class. If you can’t see a class you like at them moment check back with them in a few weeks they rotate the classes on offer.

UPDATE, Urgent heads up for  free online class

Getting Started with Digital Scrapbooking class from Hewlet Packard now available October 3rd to November 6th. Class ends November 14th 2008.


Learn how to do techniques like these with your own images! In the class you learn how to make your own background papers, elements and so much more. It is an online class so as long as you complete the class before the end, the exact days and times you ‘attend’ your class are up to you. This is an excellent class I would recommend to anyone interested in finding out more about using their computer for crafting. Without spending a fortune on CDs. I would  highly recommend downloading your lessons and also printing some of them out, there is a printer friendly version available. That way you can have the instructions next to you as you work rather than have to keep switching screens.

DO check out the Activity Centre 


There are plenty of useful projects in the Activity Centre, which give full instructions and some pages to print out. Everything from Christmas decorations, party invites to business cards.

Best wishes and thanks for reading


Billie 🙂


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