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Welcome Back

Welcome Back

In today’s post I will be reviewing; Fiskars Patchwork Quilting Ruler 15 x 60 cm.

Fiskars Patchwork ruler 15 x 60 cm

Fiskars Patchwork ruler 15 x 60 cm

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Fiskars
  • Item number:
  • RRP at time of writing: Under £17 delivered

Quote from Amazon

  • MARKED IN CMS ONLY .Transparent Ruler ideal for cutting
  • shapes square triangle rectangle and strips etc. for quilting and patchwork
  • highlighted 1cm seam allowance
  • angles clearly marked 30 45 and 60 degrees
  • includes non slip pads ,

Reason For Buying

Recently I have started sewing, well dressmaking with a sewing machine (haven’t the dexterity for hand sewing!!!!). I had a look at commercial patterns and not only were they confusing but also the same problem about being in-between sizes happened with patterns. If I was going to have to learn how to and re draw every pattern I chose, I decided it would be easier to just draft my own from scratch.

After joining a sewing forum and getting tips on what books were best to learn the topic I was also advised to get a LONG ruler, a 15 x 60 cm one. I already have a large square Fiskars ruler and having been happy with it, decided to try their longer version too.



  • Lines are printed in black making them clear and easy to read
  • Several options for numbering; one side includes a 1cm seam allowance the other doesn’t. Make sure you are reading the side of the ruler you mean too or your sizing may be off
  • Numbers are clear but surrounded by a coloured dot
  • There is a cut away area on the ruler which means you can hang it up to store if you wish too.
  • There are non slip feet stickers included in the pack, its nice you have the option to choose weather or not you want them on the ruler.
  • Seam allowance area is highlighted so you can quickly see which area of the ruler you are on
  • If you wish to cut at an angle these are marked on the ruler at 30, 45 and 60 degrees
  • cms have solid line and half centimeters are marked on the rulers with a broken line.
Fiskars ruler 15 x 60 cm

Fiskars ruler 15 x 60 cm


  • Be a bit careful if you are using the ruler to help you alter patterns or drafting with the ruler, the cut out to allow hanging can snag on pins or your paper as you move the ruler around. Its FINE you just need to be aware of the fact and lift the ruler rather than slide it if you are near papers edge or near pins.

Build Quality

Superb, a very sturdy plastic. Numbers and lines printed clearly and easy to read.

Fiskars ruler 15 x 60 cm

Fiskars ruler 15 x 60 cm

Value for Money

Excellent, not cheap, cheap but well worth the asking price for the build quality.

Would I buy it Again?

Yes, highly recommend it to all

Summing up

These Fiskar rulers are excellent, I love my 30 x 30 cm square one and it works well in combination with this 15 x 60 cm one. So far I’m using them for pattern drafting, but after watching a few quilting shows I could be tempted into trying quilting at a later date.

There are a lot of different rulers on the market for this purpose, some are metric some imperial so you will have plenty of options to choose from. Like buying a car, we all have different reasons for buying one and our needs will vary. Try to see a few different brands in person if possible or at least on close up photos. I used You Tube to see if anyone was posting reviews or tutorials using these kinds of rulers to get a closer look at them. Bear in mind also that different countries may also have different branding colours/options so not all will be available in every country.


Here are a couple of useful links for more information about these rulers, first from the makers at Fiskars and also where to buy them on Amazon UK

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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