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In today’s post I will be reviewing;

Winsor and Newton; Heavy Weight Enamelled Box

Winsor and Newton; Heavy Weight Enamelled Box

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Winsor and Newton/ Artists Quality
  • Item number; 94376 91740
  • RRP at time of writing: £110

Description & Contents

A heavy weight enamelled metal box containing a selection of 16 Artist watercolours. Colour selections vary from box to box

Winsor & Newton Enamelled Box

Winsor & Newton Enamelled Box

Reason For Buying

Having painted for years with Winsor and Newton Cotman colours which are their student colours, all the book I read recommend using artist quality paint. So I saved up and treated myself to this set. I chose it because given the cost of artist quality paint – I wanted a sturdy box to keep them safe in.



  • Artists quality paint is as good as people tell you. It IS worth the investment
  • Room for a small brush in the center section of the box
  • The center section can be filled with pan paint if you want to extend your colour pallet
  • The long ‘v’ section clip that holds the paint in place is very secure, but can be taken out to replace or add extra colours as needed
  • There is a fold over section, which gives you extra mixing space but also keeps a dirty mixing pallet off your paint if you are working on location and haven’t time to ‘clean up’.
  • Great for travelling, very secure lid and the v section clip is very secure to prevent paints moving in the tin.
  • Thumb ring at the base of the box


As the title suggests this is a heavy weight box. I found it a bit too heavy to carry around all day, by the time you add in the weight of a sketch book, water bottle, brushes etc. But I do suffer from limited dexterity and I’m sure people without this would not find the weight an issue. I have added extra pains through the centre section and my box now weighs 272 grams with space for one more half pan left.

Build Quality

Superb! A really top quality box, well made and works well doo. Lid is easy to open yet very secure. You can even use the indents in the closed lid for resting your brushes on to dry. When the box is open they become the mixing pallet.

Value for Money

Excellent. The artist quality paint is as good as its reputation suggests. This box is sturdy and look like it will last for many years. Well worth the investment.

Would I buy it Again?

Totally! Highly recommend this set either for yourself or it would also make a wonderful present too.

Summing up

There is a lot to be said for the phrase; ‘You get what you pay for’. This set is not cheap, but it is top quality paint in a well made, robust and quality box. There are plastic and lighter weight boxes also available from Winsor and Newton if you want the artist quality paint at a more affordable price. But if you have a special birthday or Christmas is coming, this is a wonderful set to give or receive. One that looks like it will give many years of service. I’ve had mine 8 years now and it still looks like new.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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