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In today’s post, I will be reviewing the following product 

Encaustic Art; Painting Iron


Encaustic Art Iron

Product Details

Manufacturer Encaustic Art 

Product Number 99530100 


The original purpose of this tool, is for use with wax blocks. You heat the iron, rub wax on to the plate and then apply the iron to coated papers, to create pictures with wax. This technique is known as Encaustic Art. 

I bought this iron, not for encaustic art, but for paper crafting. I enjoy colouring my papers, using Colour wash inks and I use the iron for drying and flattening the finished papers. I also use the iron, for fusing Fantasy Film and with Fantasy Fibres. 


This tool is great for me, as even with my poor dexterity, the iron is light enough to use. There is a detachable handle, which means the tool takes up very little space to store. It heats up fast and is easy to use. It is very versatile and I’ve used it in combination with; 

  • Paper
  • Fantasy Film
  • Fantasy Fibres
  • Wax

Build Quality

Excellent. Although the iron is light in use, it is extremely robust and well made. 

Value For Money

Excellent. At the time of writing, this encaustic Iron retails at around £28. It comes in a sturdy card box and if you are gentle with the box, you can store the tool back in there. For the versatility and reliability that this tool offers, it is an excellent must have tool. I would recommend anyone working with paper and who want to try fantasy Films and fibres to get one of these. 

Would I buy it Again?

definitely! In fact, I have enjoyed using this tool so much, that I am intending on buying a second one, to dedicate to wax. I fancy trying some wax techniques with it, now I’ve seen more about them. 


I have made no mention to this tools main job, of encaustic art work. The reason is, that at the time of writting, I have not tried it for that purpose. I have seen some online demos with it and they all look excellent. You will find more demos and tutorial videos, on the following links. 

If you would like to discover more about the encaustic art and order one of these tools for yourself please visit the links below. 

Encaustic Art This is the manufacturer of the iron that I have reviewed. 

World wide suppliers of Encaustic Art products can be found on this link. 

Converting the Iron for Use as a Hot Plate I’m going to try using Sheena Douglass, ‘pie dish’ technique, for heating UTEE. Instead of using my heat gun I’ll try with the iron set up as a hot plate as shown on this link. 

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon. 

Billie 🙂


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