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Welcome Back

Join me this summer for a series of free workshops. If you enjoy creating, trying new materials and surfaces and want your materials to work for you then this series is for you. Together we will experiment with a limited colour palette to see just how far it will take us.

Take the fear out of mediums and see what they can do for you and your colours. Love Grunge, natural textures perhaps a little metallic. We’ll explore them all this summer. If you are having a staycation this year, then why not have some fun and learn some new techniques with this series.

Adventures in Acrylics: Online workshop

Adventures in Acrylics: Online workshop

Adventures in Acrylics

During the series I’ll be sharing; written and video tutorials on all kinds of ways to use your materials in exciting ways. These techniques will work in a variety of settings from surface decoration, altered art, art journalling and more.

You Will Need

Core Colours;

Winsor & Newton: Galeria ; Flow formula acrylic paint. Available in set of 10x 60 ml tubes. This set contains;

W&N Galeria Acrylic Paint

W&N Galeria Acrylic Paint

  • 120: Cadmium Yellow Medium hue
  • 095: Cadmium Red Hue
  • 203: Crimson
  • 706: Winsor Blue
  • 522: Phthalo Green
  • 744: Yellow Ochre
  • 074: Burnt Sienna
  • 554: Raw Umber
  • 386: Mars Black
  • 644: White

To this starter pack add the following colour; 060 Buff Titanium

Core Tools

If you have painted in the past or paper craft you will probably have most of these things to hand. Go on a foraging expedition for the following items:

  • Craft Sheet (non stick, protects your work surface and easy to clean).
  • Water pots. (jam jars are fine)
  • Something to mix colours on. I use a white enamel plate, its easy to clean and available from camping shops
  • Car sponge. (Yep, one of Halfords big yellow ones)
  • Brushes. You choice of size and shape. If you haven’t painted before Sheena has a set available from Crafters Companion.
  • Palette knife. You can get cheap plastic sets if you want some different styles to play with, my most used one is Royal Langnickel K4.
  • Bar of soap (for cleaning out the paint) Do not let the paint dry on your tools and brushes. Once set you cannot remove it.


Something to paint onto. I’ll be using a variety of surfaces, but to get started try;

  • Mount board. One side must be white, and if pos try to get one with a black on the other side.
  • Pad of acrylic paper
  • Daler Rowney Gesso primer; White. It’s a good idea to gesso your board before you start, as it helps the paint move better on the surface. Try it with & withourt for comparison.

You could also try, paper blanks (boxes/board books etc), wood and clay. If you wish to experiment further, gather any surface you wish to try out.

Over the coming months I’ll be adding a few extra colours and some mediums as we continue the journey. Rather than post them all here, this is all you will need to get started and I hope as I post the reviews of the products and tutorials using them, you will be tempted to try a few to take these essential items, to the next level.

Now you don’t have to choose between the price of the course vs materials. I hope you will join me for an amazing journey with this medium. You can do so much with acrylics from thin washes through to thick dimension effects. Mediums mix things up and can completely change how the paint behaves. They are very versatile and these Winsor and Newton Galeria paints are very affordable, even the BIG 250ml tubs are only about £10! These have no odour and the flow forumula is a joy to use.


The best place to start to source these materials is my art supplies tab at the top of the blog. I have listed the main manufacturers that I use and also some great discount stores too. I link to that page so the links will stay updated if the sites move 😉 Highly recommend, Jackson’s, Art Discount and also Cowling and Wilcox.

  • Here is a PDF version of this post, if you want to keep a shopping list to hand 😉 BCR Adventures in Acrylics Materials list
  • There is also a dedicated workshop page; Adventures in Acrylics Workshop where all the related posts will also be linked to. At the side of the blog, there is also a grab button you can add to your own site, which will take you directly to the workshop page.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂 🙂 🙂


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