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Welcome Back

This month on Create & Craft they have been talking about Get Britain Crafting, a new campaign to encourage people to try new crafts for the first time, or get back into crafts after a break. Inspired I began a shawl, but this has proved a bit of a big project. So I also began knitting some slippers. (They are the same height honest! It’s the way I stuffed them for the pic that makes them look uneven, DOH).

Winter slipper boots

Winter slipper boots

Regular readers will remember the slippers I knitted recently that I’d enjoyed so much. The pattern is on Ravelry by Yuko Nakamura called Non Felted Slippers.

Cozy Knitted Slippers

Cozy Knitted Slippers

Now its turned cold and my ankles were feeling chilly so I tried the pattern again and freestyled at the end. I added some 2×2 rib (knit 2, pearl 2) to the top of the pattern. This has worked brilliantly, they look good with 5, 10, 15 rows of that rib at the top. I’ve added 20 rows of the rib as I wanted to cover my ankles, but this also gives the option of folding the top down for a different look.

Winter slipper boots with folded down top

Winter slipper boots with folded down top

As long as I understand what I’m doing, then I do enjoy and find knitting relaxing. My RSI hampers how much I do, but small projects on larger needles like this, work up quickly and so build confidence. This pattern would suit a new knitter, other than knit stitch and pearl stitch and of course casting on and off, the base pattern (without the rib top) only has knit 2 or 3 together and also to. Slip, slip, knit, wasn’t a bit like I thought it was and woohoo to my knitting book and You Tube tutorials for explaining it.

There are lots of new fashion yarns around now, for those wanting super fast project and are ideal if you are totally new or have limited dexterity as you don’t need to worry about tension but get the hang of knitting techniques. You Tube has a great selection of tutorials, just type in the technique you want to learn into its search box. I’ve put links to sites I use a lot or have found helpful in the Yarn tab at the top of the blog.


  • Yarns (My knitting tab, which has links to; manufacturers, retailers and tutorials too)
  • Knitting Tips by Judy Highly recommend this channel, great demos filmed from behind Judy so you see what you would see when you are knitting. She explains things really well.
  • Ravelry If you are new to knitting Ravelry is a fantastic online community people share projects there are forums and lots of freebies on there for knitting & crochet too.
  • Pheonix Knitting forum. A super friendly forum, a great place to chat to other knitters and swap ideas.
  • Get Britain Crafting
  • The Knitting Book. THE best instruction book for all kinds of knitting. Step by step photos.

Now we have long winter evenings to ‘look forward too’. Why not give knitting a try, snuggle up with your favorite TV show/music and create something wonderful for yourself, or as gifts for friends & family. A handmade gift really does make someone feel special. They know you have given the gift a lot of thought and your own time, a precious gift that cannot be purchased in a store.

How about you? What have you been making lately?

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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