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Welcome Back

Are you still with me? Ohh good 🙂 So far if you have followed the earlier articles in this series you will have;

  • Recorded a Film
  • Saved it onto your computer
  • Edited it on your computer to remove anything you didn’t like
  • Added a title, some credits and some transitions.


You are now ready to share this little miracle with the world, here’s how.

There are several on-line hosting sites to which you could post your film. The first thing you need to do is choose one and create an account. If you already have an account with a website for your photographs it is likely that you can also store your videos on there too.

Things to consider

  • Privacy; Do you want the world to see your film, or only invited individuals. You can change this at any time in your on-line accounts settings.
  • More than one account; No one ever said you can’t have more than one account for your films.
  • Keep the same name for your account as your blog.


Keep things separate to keep your audience

Just like blogging it is a very good idea to create different accounts for different aspects of your life. Like watching TV, people watch on-line films based on their interests. You are more likely to get and keep subscribers if you stay focused on related subjects.

Someone wanting to watch your creative videos, may not be interested in your holiday films or your pets. Consider having seperate accounts for Holidays, Kids ‘n’ Pets, and another for Hobbies. This also means you will be able to have different privacy settings for each one.



If possible try to create the same account name for the films as you have for your blog. This will make more sense to your regular viewers if they match. You may need to add a few numbers to the end of your account name if that name is already in use.


Upload from Your Editing Software

Premier Elements includes a tool called Share. You log into your on-line account and upload directly from the software to your chosen site.

Upload from your On-line Account

I believe that You Tube allows you to upload to its site by signing in and then choosing ‘Upload’ on its site. You then choose the finished film on your computer and IT does the rest.



Here is a film by Video Maker that describes uploading to several different on-line hosts

If you would like to see the videos I’ve made so far, here is my home on You Tube.


Coming Up in Part 7:

Storing Your Films


Best wishes and thanks for watching/reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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