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Today I’d like to share a picture of the hand-warmers I made for the family for Christmas.

Hand warmer, with gift bag and instructions tag

Hand warmer, with gift bag and instructions tag

Often hand warmers are scented, which not everyone likes. My husband’s family have wheat intolerance and often the hand-warmers sold are filled with wheat. I have filled these with dried lentils and no fragrance 🙂

There is an inner bag that contains the filling and then an outer cover, this allows the cover to be removed and washed as needed. These are a small size, so they will fit into your coat pocket. Great for when your hands get cold when walking the dog/ de-icing the car.

Hand making Christmas gifts are a great way to share meaningful presants with friends and family. You can create them in the warmth of your home, no long cues, no bad weather and if you start making them early in the year, no rush 🙂 Take the stress out of Christmas and hand make your gifts. Short notice for this year, perhaps, but make a plan for next year for a more relaxing build up to the holidays.

The card explaining how to heat the hand-warmer and what it contains, I created in Craft Artist 🙂 Really pleased how professional they look. I also layered papers to make the gift bag using digikits in Craft Artist, plus matching gift tag. These were a lot of fun to make and I’ll be showing a video tutorial on how to make the gift bags next year, once the brighter weather returns.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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