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Welcome Back


Well having decided that I really like making leather bound books, especially using the longstitch, I decided I needed some leather. After a search I found several shops on EBay selling some and after being sent samples invested in some very nice Paprika leather which arrived Tuesday the 19th. I also bought some Italian upholstery leather in a lovely chocolate colour.


So now I have lots to play with, I intend to use the brown leather to work out ideas and learn how to work with the leather. The red is a bit special, the sample I was sent was so wonderful I just had to buy this leather. It is THE most wonderful red and the quality is very good too, it is cow hide and a whole hide at that. I am planning a ‘green’ Christmas this year, fed up of trawling shops trying to guess what people would like and have decided to make leather journals for people this year. I like the idea of presants from the heart and created with love. Time is the most precious gift we can give each other so I thought it was appropriate.


I need to get some lovely paper to go in the journals, but have started the project early enough that I can take my time and make a good job of it, rather than a mad rush at the last minute and hating every minute of Christmas shopping. It will also be good to get started on these books soon as the studio I use has no insulation and get B cold in the winter!


Best wishes and thanks for reading


Billie 🙂


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