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Welcome Back

Today I’d like to share a picture of some holly berries that I recently painted.

Holly Berries in watercolour

Holly Berries in watercolour

At Christmas my sister-in-law put a sprig of holly to decorate my parcel, since I’ve been trying floral painting I thought it would be a good chance to practice with my new pallet of colours. My colour choice was based on Billy Showell’s pallet in her book; Flower Portraits.

The great thing about this subject is that it doesn’t quickly deteriorate like fresh leaves and flowers, which is VERY useful when you are as new to all this as I am and everything takes you ages! This was painted in my Daler Rowney sketchbook, perhaps not the ideal paper for the number of layers of paint I used. Great for practice though.

 Here’s another view of the painting, without the help of Photoshop enhancing the dull light of the day the photo was taken on. It’s a dilemma in the winter, the light is too dark to take good photos without flash bleaching out all the colours, but if you use Photoshop to brighten things back up, it often changes the colours too much.

Holly Berries in watercolour 2

Holly Berries in watercolour

Items used

Hope you like it too.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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