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In memory of all those who lost their lives during the holcaust, and to those who live on, with the memories. Spoken or unspoken. You are remembered 🕯

You Are Remembered

You saw, you heard, you smelt, you saw.

You felt things, nobody should go through.

When somebody’s anger, turned to hate

Decided anothers life, does not rate.


Yet some survived, and some they spoke,

Its documented, its no joke.

Teach your child, learn from the past

Never repeat, the holocaust.


IF we let this, slip from view,

Could history, repeat anew?

We like to think it wouldn’t, but…

Who’s to say, if we forgot.

by Billie @billiescraftroom

About this poem.

I was brought up in an era, where the events of the holocaust were taught in school, but not everyone is. Some secretly wrote about their expriences at the time, and afterwards. Others have spoken of their experiences. Many, would never find the words to describe the undescribable, and boure their scars silently.

Technology has helped the experiences, of those who lived through those times, to be recorded for future generations. There are still those alive today who were there, who had the lived experience. They have families who have lived experiences, of how that affected the lives of their loved ones, and them.

Please don’t let lies, fear and hate be your guides

When someone states an opionion as if its a fact, spreads lies and hate and anger. That can spread through generation to generation.

That poison, that anger, those lies, that one persons life, is more valuable than anothers, is sadly for many, still in the world today. What words do you use about others? What are you teaching, the next generation?

With open hearts and minds, we can learn about the past and FROM the past.

I feel, It is important to remember, these events. Those who suffered, those who died, and the reasons given for taking those lives and those actions. The world seems to be moving faster and faster, events slip from the now, into the past at an ever increasing speed.

We hope, we pray, that these things never happen again. Yet we need to remember they happened, to learn what happened before them, which led the world to that place.

❤ How others stepped in and showed that not all of humanity, shares that hateful view.

In memory of all who suffered and still suffer due to hate. To all those who died, you are remembered 🕯

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