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I know this is a bit off topic for this blog, but I’m sure we’ve all done this; there is something on the floor that is a bit hard to get at. At the same time as you are thinking; ‘If that goes up the hoover they’ll be trouble!’ SO what do we do? We go careful! Hooving NEAR it and avoid it, whilst grumbling we can’t get at it. Until, we get tired n WOOF up the hoover pipe it goes and the hoover starts to make a weird noise or a weird smell and you just know if you ignore it now,ย  its new hoover time, or a call out fee and repair charges.

This was me a moment ago. There was a BIG wooded bead on the floor, I couldn’t reach it with the dustpan and brush, kept forgetting to just knock it to somewhere I could reach it, with the vacuum hose when its not turned on (oh the joys of hindsight) and being sleep deprived, up the pipe it went. Hoover still worked but now made a very high pitched squeel followed by the hot motor smell, that you know NOT to ignore!

How I found the blockage and fixed it

UNPLUG the machine from the mains before you do anything else!!!

I took different sections apart, that I knew how to do, looked in its viewable parts n couldn’t see it. Then I did the thing you do when you don’t want a big bill…I went to You Tube, YEY for You Tube this centuries answer to a dictionary for life.๐Ÿฅ‡

Here is the video I found for taking various sections of an upright corded dyson apart so you can remove blockages. How to clean a dyson vacuumย 

For those not loving clicking links the channel name is ‘FIX IT Home Improvement Channel’ and the video name is ‘How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum – Dyson Blockage – dc 65’

Did work?

Well, it helped me learn more places to look, but I still couldn’t see the bead!! So I went back to basics and thought, what was the route in? The hose, so I took out the hose’s top section, the solid bit that you can extend out with the stretchy hose that connects it to the main body. I peered inside n thought, that’s too narrow a gap for the bead to have gone down. Hmmmm, ponder…wait a minute, where it goes narrower is PINK, the bead was pink! So the bit I was looking through was the end of the bead itself, the part with the hole! Feeling pleased now, I’d at least found it but how to get it out?!

Removing the stuck bead

I tried moving it with a pencil, but as I had previously reconnected the hose n turned it on, the powerful suction on the Dyson had wedged the bead in there tightly. Logical thinking here, also told me if it wasn’t going any further into the machine from that direction, it needed to go back out the way it came. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž

I found a piece of dowel, like the stuff used for bird perches but NOT one the birds use!! This looked good as it was narrower than the gap in the pipe so it wouldn’t damage the dyson. After putting this onto the bead, where it was jammed. I hit the other end a few times and YEY the bead fell back out, the way it had gone in.

NO big bills, no call out fees and its fixed ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž

Many thanks go to;

  • You Tube, there’s always someone on there who knows how to do stuff. ๐Ÿฅ‡
  • To the owner of the FIX IT Home Improvement Channel ๐Ÿฅ‡for this video help

So there we go, if you find youself in a similar pickle and I guess if you have Lego fans in the house, this would be a regular problem. Here’s just a few ways to get your vaccum cleaner working again. The video also shows how to take apart the brush bar at the bottom so if you need to untangle long hair from there, this will get you access to that section too.

Why did I blog this??? I have dyslexia, it also affects memory and I forget how to do stuff.ย  I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time it happens and this way we all have a simple searchable way to find out how to fix it.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie x




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