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Once I’ve had more practice with this new tool, I’ll write a proper review. In the meantime I just wanted to show you my new favorite tool.


Ideal 1038 Guillotine

Ideal 1038 Guillotine


Because of RSI I find cutting book board painful to the point of not possible, as a result the only board I’ve been able to use is mount board. Mount board is ok..ish but not as sturdy as bookboard and much thinner of course. So the hunt for a tool that would help me began. At one stage I was considering a Louete board, but after more practise time with my knife I realised that I just couldn’t hold the knife securely enough and didn’t have the hand strength to press the knife or to hold the ruler still either. This discounted the Louete board.


Much coveting of the wonderful board shears that I’ve seen people use, but they are cost, size and weight prohibitive for the scale I work to. Having seen Peter Baumgartner use an Ideal machine on his tutorial video’s on You Tube, I contacted him and asked which machine he used and how he got on with it for cutting board. Peter said he used the Ideal 1038 and recommended it. Two other friends Sue Bleiweiss and Liesan, use this machine and said how great it was, so this inspired me to get hold of one.


They are a considered purchase, but for anyone with dexterity problems they are such a great help. The 1038 easily cuts book board, even though my own dexterity problems mean I can only cut a few pieces, the tool itself happily cuts the board and leaves a superb clean-cut on 2mm book board.




Here are some links to sites relating to the Ideal machines

Ideal This is the manufacturer’s website

Office Rocker This is where I bought my machine from. If you want a similar spec machine but need A3 length, they recommend me to go for the Ideal 1071. Office Rocker/ guillotine section Here is the page where the you can find the guillotine.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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