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In today’s post I will be reviewing; Derwent Inktense pencils.

Derwent: Inktense Pencils. Tin of 24

Derwent: Inktense Pencils. Tin of 24

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Derwent/ Inktense
  • Item number: 0700929 (set of 24)
  • RRP at time of writing: £35.75


Quote from Packaging: Derwent Inktense combines the brilliant intensity of pen and ink with the versatility of line and wash. Apply pure, vibrant dry colour then wash the pigment out completely to leave a translucent ink like effect. Once dry the colour is permanent and can be worked over with other media. The possibilities are endless.

Reason For Buying

I went for these set of 24, for the wider range of colours. These pencils appealed to me for the fact they say once dry the colour doesn’t re-activate. I love water-soluble pencils but have struggled when using them, as when I try to overlay colours the earlier layers wash off. I hope to use these for mixed media work as well as quick sketches.



  • Love the colour range
  • Super smooth application of colour
  • Colour mix beautifully if applied in the same layer.
  • For a glaze of another colour let first layer dry and new layer will keep its own colour and not blend with earlier ones.
  • Able to layer with more colour without disturbing earlier layers
  • The 24 are a great mix of colours which you can blend for even more colour options. A great size for location/classes
  • The round pencil casing is comfortable in the hand for sketching for longer periods.
  • Useful that the lid comes off completely and will sit neatly under the box, while in use. Handy if you don’t have a lot of room.


The only issue I have with Derwent is the tendency for their lids to come off when you don’t want them too. I took a tin like this out in a sketching bag and when I opened the bag the tin had opened and the pencils were loose in the bottom of the bag.

This was on a different tin but of the same design, by the same company. Now I always err on the side of caution and always use an elastic band around the tin to keep it secure. The lid is easy to remove but it would be nice if it was more secure for travel, as this 24 pencil set is a great size for on the move.

Build Quality

Superb, the colour core is fantastic quality and the wooden casing is top quality and from sustainable forest.

Value for Money

Excellent. Like with anything of top quality not cheap, but the quality is well worth the price tag.

Would I buy it Again?

Yes! I bought the 24 set thinking that would be plenty, but the pencils were so good, like the colour magpie I NEED them all. MIL gave me a donation for my birthday so I’m saving the difference and going for the LOVELY wooden box set of the full range of 72.

Summing up

Derwent: Inktense Pencils. Tin of 24

Derwent: Inktense Pencils. Tin of 24

These pencils are wonderful, the niggles I had about water-soluble pencils are solved by these Inktense ones. I love the versatility that you can use them like regular pencils dry, add water for a vibrant ink/wash effect and work over the colour without disturbing earlier layers. The quality is fantastic, if you are unsure if they are for you, the pencils are available individually so you can get just one to see if you like them.

I highly recommend the set of 24 as the colour range is more versatile than that of the 12s, the pencils are available in the following sizes

Individual pencils, blister packs of 6, tins of 12, 24, 36 and 72. For a special present there is also a wooden box of 72. I have had other wooden boxes and HIGHLY recommend them, not for travel but they are the most beautiful storage and take care of the pencils. Full sets are an investment, its worth a little extra for the wooden box for the security of the case which doesn’t drop open and looks and feels delightful to use.

Can’t wait to see all the things these pencils can do, really enjoying experimenting with them to find out. There are colour charts available on the manufacturer’s website. If you haven’t used water-soluble pencils before there is also a DVD of hints and tips available separately. It’s a great introduction to the media and you will truly get more from the pencils if you watch it.

Try these pencils, even if you can only get just one. They are a joy to use and will take your art in a new direction, maybe even tempt you to sketch outside (if the weather allows). A great partner product to these pencils is a set of waterbrushes. I use the Pental ones. Ideal for use on location and less fuss than carrying lots of kit.


  • Derwent Pencils Manufacturers website, colour charts, product lists, tutorials and so much more. Check it out!
  • Derwent on You Tube Tutorials on a selection of their products and previews of the DVDs
  • Inktense pencils Manfacturers page about the Inktense pencil range, and link to PDF colour chart.


Great places to buy your Inktense pencils

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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